Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wishing Well

Fall time is the perfect time for me to play in the yard. I can create new things without melting away in sweat from the hot Georgia days!

It was a while back when I picked up this little wishing well. I see them in front yards all over the south so decided I needed one. I had no idea where to find one then someone suggested I look at Harbor Freight. I think it was Cindee at Cindee's Garden but not sure. Please correct me if I am wrong as to who gave this hot tip!

To the left of the well is the small Canna & Caladium bed I have talked about in the past. To the right of the well, is the banana plant that Tina gave me while on a visit with her. It came complete with roly poly bugs! Too funny Tina...With the Saints help, we dug out the grass into an oval shape. I then got busy and pounded a brick border and poured a pea gravel pathway from the grass to the well and around to the back side. Then I planted the Sage plants I had sitting on the back stoop for some time. You recently saw our last hummingbird sipping from the blooms. Then topped it all off with fresh pine straw.

I was not sure where the wishing well was going to end up but Lola helped me decide. Lola was kind enough to send me lots of Canna and Caladium from her garden this fall. So I needed to extend the Canna bed and this came to mind! Thank you so much for the inspiration Lola. As the Canna, Caladium and Banana trees flourish, I may end up extending this small garden to the swing and spread things out a bit. I can hardly wait until next summer to see what happens in this new garden.

Lola and Tina, Thank you both so much for the wonderful gifts! I will think of you both every time I look at my WISHING WELL, In the Garden...


  1. Skeeter -- another wonderful design from you! You've got such great skill at turning areas into fabulous focal points!

    I want to watch your tropicals...I've got to divide my colocasia, ginger and move my brugs next year.


  2. Looks great...wishing you well:) I looked at your profile and we've lived in a lot of the same places...are you an Army brat?


  3. Cameron, Thank you, I do enjoy creating what I like to call little spots of interest. :) I am still trying to get the eye off the ugly boat shed nearby. lol. I hope this freezing weather does not harm the canna and banana as I want them to grow strong next year. Is it freezing in NC also???

    Conscious Gardener, Thanks for the Well Wishes :) I am not an Army Brat but grew up with Ft. Campbell in my back yard. Hubby was AF when we met. For the past 20 years he has supported the Army on Contracts. He is currently building a classroom and maintains 2 more with computer skills. Tina, our Master Gardener here at In the Garden is retired Army with Spouse currently Active Duty and close to retirement. So were you in Germany? Where?

  4. I love that garden area. Isn't it wonderful when we have an abundance that we can share with our friends? I can't wait to see what else you're going to do.

  5. I love those wishing wells. I wanted one in the front yard here --but hubby said no:) heheeh I'm sure I could find a nice spot out back or on the side. I will work on that with him later. Another nice frosty day here --better get the laundry done. Today is Girl Models birthday:0) Busy day ahead!

  6. I use to have a wishing well. Fool that I am I moved once and left it behind. I already said fool, didn't I? It is interesting as gardeners to start something and have really no idea where it's going to end up extending to. I can't always visualize something until I get a few key components in place. Half the fun for me.

  7. As always Skeeter, it looks great.

    A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweet model girl and hi to Anonymous.

  8. Skeeter -- yes, it was frozen crunchy this morning. My ginger, colocasia and cannas are mush, so I need to go ahead and put them to bed (cut and cover in the ground) for the winter.

    It's all over here until my winter daphne blooms in January.


  9. Cinj, sharing is a great trait and I think one that most gardeners have... :)You never know what I will do next...

    Anonymous, Happy Birthday to Girl Model! They do grow fast dont they? Have a bite of cake for me! :) When I took off to look for the well the Saint said, what do you want a well for? Arggg, he has no vision. lol I was planning to put the wishing well in the front yard but it ended up to the side near the back. I will enjoy it more there anyway as I sit at the patio. One in the back for you can be fun also....

    Brenda, I am the same way with my vision. I see one thing such as the well and know it belongs in the garden but just where, is always the question. The thing sat in the sunroom all summer long waiting for the perfect spot then it came to mind thanks to Lola's great gift. I wonder what all will go with us from the garden when the time comes to move. So much stuff to decide what goes and what stays...

    Thanks Jean, Was the Nutcracker last night or tonight? Cant wait to hear about it. Gonna be a busy day filled with a craft fair and running errands for us today...

    Cameron, I thought you might get the cold chill also. It was bone chilling cold here this morning with a temp of 25! That is so NOT normal for us this time of year. I wonder if we shall see snow this year. Hummmmm. Yep, better get those babies tucked into a nice warm bed for the winter....

  10. Good Afternoon All,
    Thank you so much, Skeeter, for the lovely comments. Glad I could share. That is a lovely garden you made. I'm sure it will be beautiful next yr. when it's blooming.
    Still cold here. I don't know what the temp is. Had the ggk last night so my attention was directed otherwise. They sure can be funny. And they are a hand full.
    Hi anonymous, sure hope girl model has the best birthday ever.
    Everyone stay warm & I hope you all have the best afternoon & evening.

  11. You have such a knack for creating well designed garden beds and the wishing well is a lovely focal point. :)

  12. Lola, you are such a sweetheart to share like that. A great big hug is coming your way>>>>>>>>> there it was! :) I actually wore a jacket today while running errands! Arggg, so not ready for this...

    Racquel, Thanks, I hope to “maybe” one day connect all the small gardens into one large one. That will take some time though as I move slow on projects only adding one or two a year...

    Saint has a fire started in the fireplace and now time for movie and hot chocolate...

  13. Hi Skeeter --a craft fair sounded like FUN. I love them around the holidays --all the pretty homemade items and gifts. And, I think your right a wishing well would be better out back for me --I can look at it while the kiddos swim all summer and I play lifeguard:) Thanks for the birthday wishes for my froggy loving lil girl model.

    Hi Jean --thanks for the well wishes for Girl Model --she has been up since the crack of dawn --just patiently waiting for her party to begin --we are done now but she seemed to have a great time.

    Hi Lola --you would've loved the way Girl Model dressed for her birthday party --talk about funny things these little kiddos do --she decided to wear her Halloween costume -she was a red-eyed tree frog for Halloween. Yes, she wore that darn costume ALL day long --the guests were all quite stunned if I must say so myself. What a girl I tell you --she is still sporting it now --it will be hard to get her out of it for bathtime I am sure. She loved being a little froggy all day.

    I'm hoping to get my leaves out back mulched up soon. I really didn't have any leaves until the winds the other day --and I earned some from the neighbors yard, lol. So, I will have to get red beauty out and mulch them up. My front yard trees are all bare --down to branches already. I think it will be a cold winter this year. My holly bushes on the other hand make me smile --they are covered in the prettiest red berries. The best I've seen them in the two years we are out here.

    Off to clean up --Ciao!

  14. Skeeter ~ I love wishing wells. They always remind me of an aunt and uncle who have one in their yard. Your new area looks great!

  15. Hi Skeeter, You do a neat job quickly. I want to count the days until you enlarge the bed! HA It would look great including the swing area. Big is always better when it comes to garden beds! :-)

  16. Hi Skeeter,that's a very attractive garden feature.And with all the plans of extension, it's bound to turn out really well!

  17. What a lovely little well of a garden. ;~)

  18. Hi guys, my 'puter was bugging this morning and I finally got back on the net right now! Argh!
    I love the wishing wells, many people have silk flowers in them or animals on the rims.
    Happy b-day to the girl model!
    Ugh... the worst day with my teeth, the impacted side doesn't seem to be healing. Salt rinses and careful eating is all I can do!

  19. That's an adorable bed. Isn't it great to feel the accomplishment of making a new bed for your flowers?

  20. Skeeter,

    I bet before it gets really cold you have that bed extended to include the swing! It will also look good! I love the creating the beds part...the maintenance isn't a much fun! Gail

  21. Hi Dawn, sorry about the wisdom teeth and pain but eventually you'll be painfree for good. I actually purchased baby food in jars to eat after I had all mine out at one time. It certainly helped but for the pain it was just having to subside a little at a time until they healed. Try not to get out in the cold too much with them --that hurts like crazy with all those open sockets. And, thank you for the well wishes for my girl model --aka froggy today:)

  22. Skeeter, the Nutcracker is not till next weekend so today I spent with Josh. I will miss him next weekend when I go to the Nutcracker but Sarah has 4 days off so I will see him on the other days. She is so good about bringing him down.

    It seems everyone s having terrible cold. It was 28 here Skeeter and that is below normal for this time of year but it felt colder due to the wind. We were breaking records for the warm temps and now the cold ones. That is cold for this time of year down there also. I can tell you on New Years Eve 1963 they had an ice storm in Columbus, GA. I had to laugh at the way people down they delt with it. NOONE moved!!!

  23. Skeeter, Can't wait to see this surrounded by cannas and caladiums!

  24. Anonymous, I dont know how you have time to mulch leaves with keeping up with the kiddos! They do seem to keep you running. I love that girl model wore her froggie suit! It was her day to do what ever so why not go for it. Frog cake and all right! Kids are so much fun at that age...

    Cindy, thanks! Ah, the memories of visiting loved ones is great! I see Wells all over the south in front and side yards. I notice a lot while driving in Virginia I just was not sure where mine was going to end up but I think I did an okay job with placing it but do see more work in the near future...

    Frances, I am already having thoughts of what is next to come. I am thinking of not just stopping at the swing but incorporating the Butterfly island with it also! Saint will be like arggg, here she goes again. lol...

    Kanak, I am wondering how large it will be when completed. But is any project really completed with a gardener? Does not seem so in my yard! I keep adding and adding and adding, there is no end!

    TC, thank you and will be fun to sit on the swing and admire next year!

    Dawn, Dont you just get a bit crazy when the puter is going nutso? I feel like I am lost without it! I wish you did not have the pains. Maybe not eating will help or the baby foods such as Anonymous suggest would work for you. I know with the tonsils out, I did not eat much of anything for a week but then I was on my butt the entire time resting and I know you are not slowing down as you are crafting away! Take it easy girl....

    Nola, Thanks, it is nice to see what you have created with your own mind and hands! Some times things dont turn out as planned but then I take it all out and start over again. I had wanted to make the pathway circular around the well but the bricks were too large and the space too small so instead of enlarge the planter, I went with a squared off look instead. Works but not as pretty as a circle would have been...

    Gail, I do wonder how long before it gets enlarged also. I should make a contest and take bets on it. tee hee... It is fun to create these things but would be nice if I had hired help at times but as long as I can do the work, I reckon I will and enjoy it pains and all....

    Jean, Oh, I thought the Nutcracker was this weekend. Duh on my part. Sorry you will miss Josh but will be fun to see what he has learned in the time missed. They just learn something new each day and are amazing at this age. That wind is here too Jean and bone chilling cold! Today we had a low of 33 so not freezing but still about 10 degrees higher then normal for us! Burrrrrr. We had about 8 inches of snow here once and the town pretty much shut down! They had no idea how to handle snow. The county does not have snow blades as it just does not snow here so everything shut down to include Ft Gordon. Then by afternoon, it was all melted! Too funny....

    Rose, i too can hardly wait to see what happens next year! I hope this freezing weather has not killed any of the new cannas or the old ones but am guessing my Caladiums are gone for good. Lola sent me new ones and they are warm in the house popping up from the soiled pots so I will have those for next season...

  25. Skeeter, You are so very welcomed. Can't wait to see it all grown in and bananas to rival mine too!

  26. Ah, the anticipation!
    Like that old ketchup commercial.... :)