Sunday, November 16, 2008

Georgia Fall Colors

What is my Cheetah kitty looking at out the back door?
The bright cherry-pink blooms of the Sage seem to have her attention.

Lets click on the video to see what has her so captivated.

Ah, the last spotting of a hummingbird a few weeks ago. She sipped on the sage all day long then took off for her long journey south. I know Fall is here when the last of the Hummingbirds have left my garden here in Georgia.
I gathered some of the different colored leaves to give you an idea of the colors found in our yard during a perfect fall. Can you see Sweet Gum, Willow Oak, Poplar, Crepe Myrtle, Forsythia, Hickory and Dogwood?
As may know by now, we have been in a 3-year drought down here in Georgia so I was expecting yet another boring Fall filled with rust and dull yellows. I went to Virginia and also Tennessee but was a bit early for their beautiful peeking colors. Thanks to Dave at The Home Garden, I have been enjoying color I knew I would not see with my own eyes this fall. Dave's Garden Bloggers Fall Color Project has been wonderful as he has taken us to many different places to view the Fall Colors. Now it is Augusta, Georgia's time to Glow.

What a shock I had upon waking up one morning soon after a rain fall and cold night temperatures. I had those beautiful colors of Reds, Oranges and bright Golds in my own front yard!
I was thrilled to see the bright colors with the blue sky as a back drop.
Every tree in the yard was beautiful and filled with color in just a few more days!
The dogwoods, myrtles, oaks, poplar and even the pesky Sweet Gums were beautiful in my yard!
Look at the lone bloom of pampas grass after the rain had drown it. I think it looks like a feather pen from Williamsburg!
One sunny afternoon the Saint and I took off to drive around town and see what we could spot. This section in the above picture is always pretty no matter drought or not. This one spot always comes through filled with color each Fall.
But I was not expecting the color to continue down the entire street!

Look at this beautiful orange colored vine climbing high into this tree. Look but don't touch as poison ivy can really get you to itching! How could something so pretty be so darn harmful to the skin?
Everywhere I looked I found beauty, even across a field of dead grasses.

What is that pinky purple stuff? Could this be Muhly grass like Frances at the Fairegarden talks about?

Okay, lets go to one of our many parks to see what we can find. Oh, look at that view as we approach the river! I am excited now, hurry lets get moving before the sun sets...
Oh my, the Savannah River has never looked so beautiful to my eyes! See the ducks flying above? They must have really enjoyed the view as tons of them were flying all over the river this day.
The sun could not have been at a more perfect spot for me to see the most beautiful colors my eyes have seen in a long time. The entire bank of the Savannah river for as far as the eyes could see had this beautiful display of color. The Saint had to practically drag me on down the pathway. We crossed the bridge to stroll to the waterfall. I just happen to look back and I spotted the reds above the bridge!

The water fall was flowing and taking fallen leaves on down and into the canal. I was glad the Saint kept us moving during this leaf peeking afternoon or I may have missed the chance to see the golden leaves amongst the Spanish moss.
Tons of Spanish moss adorn the trees in this park and we enjoy taking visitors to see this place as it is so special...
The next day, we took off to Mistletoe State Park at the lake. We use to launch our boat at this park so we have fond memories of this spot.
This tree stood out from all the rest by the boat ramp. No boats departing or coming in on this ramp as it has been closed due to low water levels at the lake. The drought has had us land bound for some time now.
We did not go to see the lake though as we went to find color and that we did.

Excuse those ugly power lines but this was a moment I just had to share with you. Just driving down the road and I yell to the Saint, STOP! He is such a Saint to put up with me. He spent many hours driving me around as I indulged in leaf watching.
My Flower Garden has lost most of its flower blooms and has been transformed into a Fall scape.
I have never been a real big fan of yellows during the Fall but I must admit, I have now taken on a new leaf so to speak. I think the yellows were just as beautiful as the Reds and Oranges this year. I guess Mother Nature has been hiding the brilliant yellows under the drought blanket for the 8 years we have lived in GA!
Peek Fall color season was last week for us and now we must hold the beauty in our minds as we get out the mulchers, blowers and rakes and get to work.
Jack Frost has yet to make a visit into our "Oasis in the Woods" but soon, the ferns will be telling me it is time for the compost bin.

Since yesterday was Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I wanted to share a bloom with you. My Camellia bushes are starting to bloom and this beauty wanted to say hello to everyone...

After living in Georgia for 8 fall seasons, I have finally had the most beautiful GEORGIA FALL COLORS my eyes have ever seen! Now I must stop running all over town and get back, In the Garden...


  1. Just beautiful. Especially like how you laid out all the different leaves.


  2. Hi Skeeter, I can barely sit in my chair, I want to jump up and down and shout and dance, (on the table?) at all the beauty you have captured so perfectly for us. And even hummingbirds too. I forget that Augusta is where you live in Georgia. We have been there a couple of times when we had friends that lived there and we would go to see the opening free days of the Masters. I am so glad you went to the river too, having seen it before, and the rows of color lined up against the water, bridge and waterfalls. And to top it all off, the white camellia, the signature shrub of a southern winter. Your artfully arranged leaves are truly inspiring. I need to run out and gather things too, thanks for that idea. The grandkids would love to learn the tree names from the shape of the leaves and I am just the one to teach them, with your helpful tool. Thanks for all the work you put into this post, it shows! :-)

  3. In my excitement I forgot to thank you for the link with your shot of the muhly, our fave grass!

  4. An older gardener once told me that drought makes for good fall color. He said it was similar to wine making in that drought concentrates the sugars of the grape into smaller, less juicy, but sweeter fruit. He said it is the same way with fall color on leaves. I am not sure if it is true, but we have had two back to back summers of drought (not nearly as bad as yours) and we have had two spectacular fall shows.

  5. Skeeter,

    Your part of the world is beautiful! I love Spanish it drapping from the trees. It means Southern states to me...(TN is middle southern). I like the pesky sweet gum has wonderful fall color and the star shaped leaves are delightful...Sure it has those seed heads, but acorns are just as irritating when you need to mow, rake or walk on the grass! I digress...your fall colors are lovely and I thank you for sharing them with us! This fall has been spectacular and I appreciate Les' explanation. Let's hope the droughts are ended and we don't have to test the theory next year...I will take a low key fall in exchange for enough rain anytime!

    Have a good day. gail

  6. Hello,

    As I couldn't find your email address on your blog...just a brief note to let you know that my blog changed name and is here now:

    I noticed you added to your blogroll. Thank you so much!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. Wow on the video of the hummingbird! What a great idea on how to capture this speeding beauty! Fall has come to Georgia at last & left a gorgeous display! Your Camelia bloom is lovely, thanks for sharing.

  8. WOW! Skeeter, that's a huge display of color that you've given us! So beautiful. I love fall. I still have up my hummingbird feeders here, waiting to make sure the last strays have gone through. It's been warm enough and sunny enough here. The cold weather is coming, so I guess I'll take down the hummer feeders and put up the birdseed feeders. My goldfinch buddies are begging for their seeds since they've already raided the perennials!


  9. The Boston ferns perched atop the tree trunks are quite the natural touch. Perfect spot. I'm enjoying more color this year due to more rain also. There must be something craftsy you can do with that artful display of leaves you gathered. A collage???

  10. Zoe, I am glad you enjoyed the lay out of the leaves. I was in the yard working and kept noticing a pretty leaf here then one there and soon I was collecting them and the idea hit me to share them with you...

    Frances, If I knew how to instill train music, then I would expect you to be up on the table top dancing. Sorry, could not resist that one and some things the brain will never let go... tee hee...

    I remember collecting leaves as a child in School. We would collect them, bring them back inside and try to identify them. I believe this was in Science Class way back when. Hands-on, is a great way to teach. I had lots of help with my Hazel look alike, Cheetah trying to bat the acorns around the room! I hope your grandkids will be just as interested in them as my cat... lol

    Les, I have heard something similar about the Peaches down here. I cant say that it holds true to drought and leaf color though. At least not down here which is where I have gained a new respect for Fall color. We have lived here for 8 Falls and 6 of them have been drought years with little fall rains and mostly warm fall temps. This year was a drought year but we had rain falls and also cold temps just before leaf turning season. So I am guessing the brilliant colors have to do with rain or cold. Probably Cold temps then your theory might hold true. With drought in the past but not cold temps happening... Hum, something for a Biologist to ponder... Look for Yorktown tomorrow! :)

    Gail, Nothing says the Deep South like Spanish Moss! I like Sweet Gum trees in our woods but not the ones that make messes for me in the landscaped areas. I know what you mean about acorns also as we have two willow oaks that drop tiny acorns all over the back and side yards. One drops them in the driveway but that does not bother me so much. The deer love the things and will come right up to the back windows of the house to munch on them. The gum balls and acorns are he!! on my mower blades too. Between them and the sandy soil, we must replace our mower blades every two years! They wear it down like sand paper! We had 4 and half inches of rain on Friday and Saturday so I am hoping this is a start to us getting out of the drought. For now our Liquid Asset (the boat name) is as useless as the rest of our assets... :)

    Gabriela, Thanks for stopping by. I will let our Master Gardener, Tina know...

    Tina, I hope you are feeling better these days. REST REST REST should do the trick...

  11. PG, I am glad you enjoyed the hummer video! I was in the sunroom reading my local news paper and one of my cats kept running to the door and giving out a low meow. That is when I spotted the hummer sipping away on the sage plants I had set there to shelter from the weather. That humming kept coming back for more throughout the day. I think fueling up for a long ride south. This was a spectacular Fall in GA this year! The camellia bushes are all opening up now and beautiful...

    Cameron, I still have a hummingbird feeder up as well. There may be one late traveler looking for gas while on their southern journey! We keep the seed feeders up year round and have a ton of birds in our yard. Yes, the cold is coming and the front came through here yesterday. Burrr it is chilly this morning. Calling for freezing by mid week so you and I will be taking down those hummingbird feeders by then....

    Brenda, I could not live in the south and not have ferns! Although not on my front porch as they are so messy. I got the stump idea when Mother Nature took the two trees to the ground with a freak ice storm. I say freak as we dont get harsh weather such as snow and ice in this area. I was thinking of making something with the pretty leaves but they ended up back in the yard for mulching as I did not come up with an idea nor have the time as I was headed out of town. Now, if I had children, I would have taken the time as it would have been a great learning tool for them. They sure were pretty with the white background…

  12. so glad you have had the fall of your dreams. check it off the list of things you wanted to happen. lol. it has been beautiful up here in tn too. we have had drought for several seasons too and it makes for a very undersatisfying fall. this year is a blessing to all.
    i liked how you layed the leaves out with all the different trees and colours, too.

  13. Now Skeeter, We need to get the Saint to do a video or a picture of you AND Cheetah both standing at the window looking at the hummers. lol What a good video! Simply love the oranges AND your camelia. You have a double and it is beautiful. Do you know the cultivar? You knew I would ask:) Great fall colors in Georgia. Now hop over to Dave's blog and post the link for his fall color fall project if you haven't already.

    I am still pretty sick. First time since early 2007. Sore throat, yup the whole thing. Hubby is babying me since he probably gave it to me! But getting rest inside the house, when I so want to be outside. ttyl

    Good morning all!

  14. This is a wonderful presentation, Skeeter. Your part of the world is beautiful and I am so happy you get to experience all the colors of fall. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Beautiful fall colors Skeeter! Too funny 'bout the Saint, I can picture him slamming on the brakes now! Love the camellia.

  16. Skeeter this entire post has taken my breath away!!! How beautiful! I'm afraid we just do not see colors like this in least not where I live. Sometimes, if we get good rain and an early frost, we'll get some...but nothing like you are showing. Thanks so much for sharing...all I can say is WOW!!

  17. Mother Nature did a great job for you this year Skeeter and you did a great job sharing it all with the rest of us. I also love the look of the spanish moss but then I stop to think about what it does to the great trees.

  18. Marmee, How can I check this one off the list as I would like to see this one every year! :) My Great Aunt left TN when she was a young girl never to move back. She called Louisiana home for over 50 years and when she was in her 80's decided she wanted to come home to see a TN Fall one last time. I went to TN also to share in the experience with her. It was not a beautiful Fall such as this year but she was thrilled with the color she did see. She has since left this wonderful earth but I will never forget my time with her that one last fall and visit with my Great Aunt in TN...

    Tina, the Camellias were here when we moved into the house so I dont know one thing about them. Did not know what they were until time past and they bloomed and mother in law told me what they were. They are beauty’s though but I hate when they turn brown and die. Sad to the eyes. Yep, Cheetah and I were checking out the unsuspecting hummer as she sip away. She never saw us she was so busy. I have mentioned to Dave several times that I was going to post on Fall today so he should know. He is probably busy with family this weekend. He will get it up soon...Yep, Mr. Fixit owes it to you to take care of you since he gave it to you. My dad owes it to my mom since he gave it to her also. They are at the Dueling Coughs stage now... Get better soon Tina and my parents too...

    Donna, it is my pleasure to bring you Georgia through pictures although, I would rather be in TN sharing pictures. Maybe one day I can call TN my permanent home again...

    Dawn, That Saint sure does enjoy that name of his compliments of my dad. I must remind him why he is a Saint at times as he gives me that look. You know that look, that look of why on earth would you...... He is a Saint and gives in often. Fred Flintsone brakes that day... Camellia is pretty now with lots of blooms and buds galore...

    Meadowview, Where in TX are you located? I lived in Texas for 5 years and never saw color unless in landscaped yards. We were in the dry Killeen part. But I was young then and probably did not notice such beauty if it bite me on the face! That is as close to the desert as I want to live, although, I have seen some pretty desert pics too, just not fall colors...

    Jean, Everyone that has talked to me about Spanish Moss says it does not harm the trees. I dont know if this is true or not but all the trees here, in Savannah and Charleston that I have seen dont look too bad with it so maybe they are fine with it. I just dont really know... Hum, any experts on Spanish Moss out there? Yep, Mother Nature was kind and gave me a wonderful show this fall... Finally, the fall I have been seeking....

  19. Nice to drop in here and see some gorgeous fall color just as our world up here in NY is turning to grey.... Those trees are magnificent!

  20. Oh my! This is an absolutely gorgeous fall display!!! So perfect that it almost looks like the stuff of our dreams instead of reality captured in photos... WOW!

    I must say, though, that the picture that made me smile the most was the one of the ferns atop those tree stumps. I LOVE that so much, it makes me wish that I had a huge tree that had to be taken down so that I could copy your idea!

  21. JGH, Glad to brighten your grey day! Down here in the Deep South, we are so far from the NY area zones thus, the last to show our Fall colors. We have Early Springs and late Falls down here. The colors were magnificent this year as never before in my 8 Fall seasons here...

    Blackswamp Girl, Funny you should refer to the pictures as dreams because until this year, all I could do was dream of colors this pretty as we have never seen them here! Now the dream has come true and Mother Natured put on quit a show for us to enjoy. Feel free to copy the fern on top of stump idea if you like! I love to share and would be honored for you to take something from my garden, even an idea. You could maybe find a place cutting trees and ask for them to cut you a straight stump, Am sure they would be happy to help out a gardener. You can ask anyway :)...

  22. Absolutely beautifall (!) colours. They were worth the 8 year wait weren't they?

  23. Love the hummer video. You're good at it and at encouraging other people to try it. The colors are so vibrant there! Sorry you're still in a drought, though. If you want to liquefy your Liquid Asset (put it in the water), you're welcome to come visit and launch your boat here. As Hubby now realizes--after having owned many boats over the years--the best kind of boat to have is the one your friends own.

  24. I haven't seen a sweet gum tree in years. My grandma used to have one and as kids, we loved getting the balls off of it, they were fascinating.

  25. Good Afternoon All,
    Skeeter, you keep outdoing your self. Those pics are so lovely. I would have thought the hummers had been gone long ago. Guess they can surprise us as well as the bumbles as I saw one this afternoon. It just wouldn't stay still long enough for his pic to be taken. Although he was flying a little weird-may have been drunk on nectar. lol
    Sure hope you get well very soon, Tina. If I was near I would fix you some chicken mush. It works wonders.

  26. Wow! The fall color after that rain was really something. I love the white camellia. To me there is nothing better than pristine white flowers.

    Always Growing

  27. Hello Skeeter, You sure are surrounded by fall colors, reminds me of a month ago when my area was at prime color.

    That is one plump hummingbird in that video. We have a feeder in the warm months but it is much more captivating to watch them getting nectar from a real bloom.

    Beautiful ferns in the tree stumps.

  28. There are tons of sages in the landscaping around my apartment. They attract the same sort of visitors as yours do, and my cats have the same captivated reaction. :-)

  29. VP, I hope I dont have to wait another 8 years for that beauty again :-) Thanks for stopping by...

    W2W, the video of the hummer was fun. I like to encourage others. :-). We need water for the Liquid Asset and may come your way next summer if we dont get out of this drought! As far as the other assets, they are pretty full of liquid as well since they were flushed down the toilet weeks ago. Maybe things will look up in that dept soon. We love our boat but only when we have water in the lake. When no water, just an expensive dust collector....

    Nola, I love sweet gums also when in other peoples yards or my woods but not on my landscaped areas with the gum balls. If you would like to relive your childhood, jump on over to GA and I will let you pick up all the gum balls you would like. My mother in law made a craft from them. I must show them on a post some time...

    Lola, the hummer did surprise me by staying so long this year. I kind of wonder if it was a hummer from else where that just stopped over for the afternoon to refill for the long trip south. I am still seeing bees and butterflies too. I snapped a pic of a yellow butterfly yesterday; I think it was a sulfur. I will show him soon. Hey, I made chicken and dumplings soup today. May have to send some Tina’s way...

    Jan, the white blooms against the glossy green bush is really pretty! I am still seeing some color on the trees as the rain has yet to knock all the leaves off the trees...

    Dan, I bet it is a bit strange for you to see the Fall colors when your color have been gone for so long! That is the fun of Dave’s Fall Watch as we get to see the colors from all over the world. We have several feeders for the hummers but you are right, it is great to see them on flowers rather then taking the juice we provide. They love the butterfly bushes, lantana, verbena and sage. The ferns are so great on the stumps each year. I started putting them there about 4 years ago and love them. They are the cheap ones you get at Lowes and in time, they fill out so nicely. Always sad to let them die in the winter but I dont have a good place to store them...

  30. Fern, Thanks for stopping by. Is that your real name? I have a friend that lives in Texas named Fern and she is the only one I have ever known with that name. I like Fern as a name... I bet you really enjoy the sage at your place. Our fur girls love to bird watch out the sunroom windows and back door. Real entertainment for those babies...

  31. Yeah ferns are messy things to bring in the house, You would be sweeping for months.

    Looks like they really like their spot and a great use of old stumps.

  32. It looks like your beautiful fall color was worth waiting for Tina. It's really spectacular and you have lots of photos to remember it by. Hopefully your drought will end and you can see this fabulous display of color more often than every eight years! I can't believe how much is still blooming there. It looks like my garden but in September! My garden, by comparison, is much more wintry looking (brown, bare branches, etc.)

  33. Dan, the Saint wanted to cut the stumps down! I said a great big NO you will not... He agreed and does enjoy the ferns on the stumps...

    Kathleen, We are a group of posters here at In the Garden. I am Skeeter that lives in GA which posted today’s topic of Fall leaf color. Tina is the Master Gardener of this Blog living in TN and she posted the Flower Blooms posting yesterday for Bloom Day. I know it gets a bit confusing with having several different people posting on the same Blog but it keeps a daily topic going for all to enjoy. And I hope I dont have to wait another 8 years for beautiful fall colors... :-) and yes Tina sure does have a lot of color remaining in her yard! She is such the gardener…

  34. Great post Skeeter! The shots of the Savannah river are gorgeous! I'm doing a write up right now. We've has a mess of a weekend, carpet cleaning and a leaking kitchen faucet. This evening was the first chance I had to get online.

  35. Skeeter, I live in Garland which is right outside of Dallas. Our colors go from green one day, to brown the next. No pretty fall colors for us!

  36. Great color Skeeter! Such a nice variety. We've had a beautiful fall up here as well this year.
    Hi Tina --hope you feel better soon.
    Hi Jean and Lola! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was full of adventures as usual. Boy 2 came home this morning from camping --everything was so nice and soggy --plenty for a mom to clean up:) hahhaa
    We had the usual church, Sunday school and a trip to the PX for some gift ideas. Late today we had two really nice size deer right up by our backyard. It was awesome --they don't typically get that close to our house --with 4 boys (counting hubby in that group) they usually steer clear of this area, hahaha. The buck was a 6 pointer with a nice spread --and the the doe was equally as large as the buck --really great. All the kiddos were out back --oohing and aahing over them:) Hubby was at work -I did call and let him know --kind of bummed him out on his not seeing them but at least he knows they are close-by:0)

  37. Skeeter, Wow! is all I can say. You've captured some vibrant colors here; Georgia rivals New England this year for spectacular fall color.

    I'm also so jealous...I tried this summer to get a video of the hummingbirds, but they hid on me every time I got my camera out. Your video is priceless!

  38. Just gorgeous Skeeter! It's mostly bare around here now, and it has been such a pleasure enjoying Georgia's beautiful fall colors through your eyes.

  39. Beautiful shots! Love the first picture of the cat.
    The trees are almost bare here.

  40. Beautiful, beautiful color! Wow! It's so nice to be able to continue to enjoy some virtual color as white is currently the dominating color in Western PA.

  41. Hey, welcome back anonymous. You've been missed.
    Glad boy #1 got back from camping ok. Bet he had a ball. It is so neat to camp out.
    So glad the boys had a chance to see a deer up that close. They are beautiful animals.

  42. Hi...Your 'leaf design' is so striking! You could laminate them on a poster board in that position and it'd be a beautiful piece to hang on to! Your site is very interesting! Jan

  43. Dave, Sorry for the leak but on the bright side, you now have clean carpets right? I always try to look on the bright side of life. The Savannah River was awesome with the sun putting a glow to the leaves...

    Meadowview, I do recall the Blah Texas Falls! That is similar to what we have been having here for our 8 years until this year! Wow, what a beautiful place this was this fall...

    Anonymous, well hello there blogging stranger! I am glad to see your smiling face this morning! I know those kiddos keep you running! Pun intended there :) I bet hubby was chomping at the bit wanting to be home to see the beauties! Have him look at my deer on today’s posting. He was an 8 pointer and pretty. We spotted about 6 bucks on a 5 mile ride around that park. Were shocked as to how many bucks so close together. Glad to hear Boy 2 survived his camping adventures! Am sure he had lots to say about the fun times. I bet he never felt one rock on his back from sleeping on the ground. lol It sure was pretty down here this fall. My mom said it was beautiful up there also. I was there a bit too early to see it but did enjoy what I did see…

    Rose, I was thinking the same thing about the color. So Vibrant this year for the first time in 8 years! I hope I dont have to wait that long again! I was lucky on the hummer video. My kitty let me know it was there and I dont think it ever saw us through the glass of the door. Was too busy sipping away! Just a lucky shot for me...

    Garden Girl, It was beautiful this fall. And so much fun starting out in Canada then working our way to the Deep South with Daves postings. We still have lots of color with only about half the leaves down now but not as pretty though...

    Dot, it does not take long for those pretties to fall. We still have about half remaining on the trees. I wish that cute cat would stop getting between the monitor and me this morning. She seems captivated by it more so then the window over the desk this morning...

    Cindy, Say it isn’t so! Snow already in PA?! Oh my, I am not ready for the cold that showed up yesterday but no snow for us. Even though no snow, still cold for us heat mongers. Keep your snow a bit longer, but share it with us on Christmas day!

    Lola, I love all animals too! They are magnificent creatures and yes, they do get into my flowers at times but I still enjoy them...

    Jan, you sound so creative and crafty today! That would be a great idea. We went to a craft fair this past weekend and they had a computer program where you can transfer pictures into wall designs! I would love to have that scene on the wall of a cabin! Must get that cabin first…

  44. Skeeter I have heard that the spanish moss chokes the tree to deat but I know that is not true as it is an epiphytic plant (an air plant that grows on another plant but does not take nutrients or water from the host plant). Epiphytes make their own food. Therefore it is not a parasitic plant but it can damage the host plant by over shading the leaves which reduces photosynthesis. It also can weight the branches down and cause breakage. It does make a good mulch in a garden as it holds mositure in very good but can cause an itching rash on the skin. Reptiles, amphibians, bats, songbirds, wablers and chiggers like to live and hide in it. One last and interesting tidbit, spanish moss IS NOT a moss as it has no roots. So, all in all, guess it does probably have more good things, besides being pretty, than bad.

  45. Jean, you have done your research here! Thanks for all the info on this pretty stuff. I can see where it would keep light out and harm branches due to weight. I have seen it really thick and that is when it can be harmful. Yep, Red bugs or chiggers and mites call this pretty stuff home so dont mess with it unless you are a professional harvester and know how to handle it. I learned that real quickly when I moved to Louisiana! Ouch, those buggars can itch the skin...

  46. Skeeter & Jean, did you know they use to make beds out of the moss. Just heat it up & bugs are gone. That is what I've been told from people here. I think I'll check that out.

  47. Lola, I knew that from visiting a plantaion house. That is where the term "Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite" comes from.

    Good night,
    Sleep tight,
    Don't let the bed bug bite... :-)

  48. Hi Lola!! I did know they used to stuff mattresses with the moss. In talking about living back then and now, well, I sure like my dishwasher, microwave, hot water, etc. and am also sure happy I do not have to sleep on on of those mattresses. I actually had what was called a window seat in the bedroom where I was brought up that went the lenght of the front of the room and was all storage insde but had a mattresses on the top of it and I did not even like sitting on it. Sure do not wanna sleep on one.

    I did not know that is where the bed bug came from. Interesting Skeeter. I will have to try and remember that.

  49. I just stumbled upon your blog. If I may ask, what park are the pictures taken at where the waterfall and bridge are? It is absolutely breathtaking!

  50. Susan, My, you went way back in this blog to spot this posting. The pictures taken of the waterfall, bridges and river were snapped at the Augusta Canal Head-gates on the Savannah River. The Head-gates are located in Columbia County where I reside. It is a beautiful setting and we enjoy taking walks along the canal and river…