Saturday, November 15, 2008

TN Bloom Day November 2008

The month of November is a big transition month for the ornamental garden, at least here in my garden in Tennessee. While there are still many flowers blooming, they are somewhat timeworn and weary. So without further ado, let's look at what is blooming in the garden....
'Diane' Witch Hazel. A new purchase. Now if I can only find a spot.....found a great spot in the woodland garden.
Japanese anemones. A passalong, cultivar unknown. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this plant.
Purple toadflax. A really neat plant so far. It was newly planted in July and has been blooming since then. It is beginning to come into its own now. I purchased it at a plant sale in Maine. It was simply labeled 'Toadflax'. I thought 'Butter and Eggs' at first, but once it bloomed I knew it was not the common toadflax. I sure wish I knew something about toadflax, as information on the web is a bit spotty. Is anyone familiar with it?
Some petunias survived the frost. I am not a big fan of petunias and do not plan to grow them next year.
'Mystic Spires' salvia still going strong, despite the frost.
'Sunny Blue' veronica. If I ever get around to doing a 'Plant of the Season' post, this one would win hands down, no question about it. It has bloomed since June! And still looks great! An all around superstar.

'The Fairy' rose. It really likes the cool season.

Raspberry Surprise ('Devon Yolande') Dianthus. Also blooming are red dianthus.
Sweet alyssum. A great self seeder in my garden.
Camelia. Pretty sure this is Jean May. At least that is what the tag said when I planted it seven years ago. Camelias are my favorite shrub, hydrangeas follow as a close second.
Red bedding begonias. Sometimes these return in the spring. A special treat. These survived the frost.
A couple of colchium. I am a terrible gardener in that I plant plants over plants and smother plants and so on. This is what is happening with these bulbs. These two actually were able to push through the Homestead Verbena and still bloom. They are late this year.
Still confused azaleas.
'Adagio' ornamental grass. This is the best grass! A bloomer in the shade or sun. It is very reliable and carefree. It is easily divided and does not self seed itself around. It looks similar to 'Morning Light' and is a smallish grass topping out at 4-5 feet with bloom. A superstar for year round interest in any garden.
'Goldsturm' brown eyes. The plant it is nestled next to is euphorbia 'Silver Swan'. A real stunner.

'Jean May'
Camelia sasanqua. A full size shot of the shrub. This is one of two pink camelias currently blooming here. The other is much smaller, and not quite as floriferous.
A long shot of the Jean May. In the foreground (from front to back) of this picture is an oakleaf hydrangea (red foliage), a Maresii variegated hydrangea, Compacta holly, the Jean May, then the yellow foliaged tree is 'Sango Kaku', aka Coral Bark Japanese maple. Peeking over the fence to the right of the camelia and Coral Bark is a PG hydrangea. All are growing on the north side of the house and all are very happy here. This is part of my foundation gardens. A big deal here in my gardens and more posts will be forthcoming. I just wanted you to see the size of the camelia in situ.

And finally, yellow button mums-still blooming.
Cultivar unknown. The lady who gave me this mum said it is an old fashioned mum and she does not know the name of it. I did research this mum and came up empty handed. I think it will forever be named yellow button mum as Frances calls it. Does anyone know anything about this huge old fashioned mum?

Also blooming but not pictured are: larkspur, Summer Snowflake viburnum, shasta daisies 'Darling', corydalis lutea, and gallardia. It was too late, and I was too tired from working in the garden all day to take more pictures.

Have a great bloom day!

in the garden....


  1. Your sasanqua is just gorgeous. I was wondering what Camellia varieties are good here. I'll be looking for Jean May.

  2. Tina - you have so much lovely colour! So nice to hop along for a spell after posting my washed out blooms :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am glad you posted a long shot of the camellia. When you see so many GBBD posts, you can not get a sense of how all those pretty blossoms fit into the larger landscape. My sasanquas have also started.

  4. Tina,

    Lots and lots of blooms! Congrats on the Diane...she is a pretty tree! Did you find a spot for her? The mum from Frances is a great color, I would love to know its name, too! Looks like the cold weather will put our gardens to rest! Have a good weekend.


  5. Such pretty colours in your garden! The Camellia looks so stunning. I've tried growing azaleas but they don't do well here... that pink is lovely!

  6. Tina,

    Since you love camellias so much, you really should visit Camellia Forest here in Chapel Hill. That does look like 'Jean May' to me, too.

    Your combination of shrubs with the camellia is really stunning, especially for fall interest and color.

    My Encore Azaleas have been blooming since September...but, that's what they are supposed to do. Is yours an Encore?

    Really warm here today. There was a tornado down east in NC overnight. We were spared.


  7. Tina, I loved the long shot of your foundation planting--not only does this combination look beautiful, but it looks very colorful on this cold, gray November day! You have so much still blooming! I'm taking notes today of the fall superstars; I could use more fall color in my garden.

    You, Mr.McGregor's Daughter, and I all have similar shots of sweet alyssum today--complete with leaves:)

  8. Lucky you, you still have lots of pretty blooms. I can't believe you don't care for petunias,maybe it's just the variety you got, what don't you like? They are a staple in my garden, because they bloom all year long with such bright color and wonderful scent. They get leggy, but then I just whack them down and they start over. I couldn't have a garden without my petunias!

  9. You have quit a bit of color remaining considering the cold weather up there. My Camellias are blooming also and so pretty....

    Windy like crazy here in GA today and the leaves are piling up in the yard. I have cleared them twice this past week and today, you can not tell I have done a thing! Love those beautiful leaf colors but not the work involved with clean up.... argggg

    Window all open today for the fresh air but Jack Frost expected at some point as the front is moving in….

  10. Good morning Tina, you still have so many blooms. I did not know alyssum would self seed! I think you thumb must be extremely green!! :) All your blooms look great. LOVE the camelia!!
    Happy Blooming Saturday--have a great weekend!

  11. Don't recall as I've tried Veronica. But I love the name alone, so think I shall. My azaleas, I noticed yesterday, are confused too. The anemone I recently got is a real stunner. When I bought it, I didn't think all that much of it. But I realize now it was my best buy that whole day. We're getting a cool front in. No telling what I'll have left tomorrow.

  12. I like the Jean May sasanqua. Of course, it would croak in my climate. I envy your warm winters, but not your sultry summers.

  13. Good morning all!

    Donna, I have a great fascination for the camelias. I simply love it when folks tell me I cannot grow them here. Ha! I have about half a dozen varieties. Some spring bloomers, some fall/winter bloomers. Jean May is a good one, as is April Blush. They have done a lot of breeding to get them hardier. I find the trick is to plant the sasanquas (not the biggest fan of japonicas) and plant them on the north side of something. It sounds counterintuitive but works, I have tried it both ways. I will try to do a post on camelias. But you can also research them too. Easy to find good ones. All of mine came from big box stores. Not one a specialty order or nursery buy.

    VP, Freckles is not washed out at all. Love it!

    Les, I love your white camelia. I have one too, a spring bloomer. Aren't they the best. I love that long shot so I thought you all might like it too. Glad you do.

    Gail, Thanks! Diane has a great spot close to the house in the woodland garden. How appropriate is that? Of course I had to move a PG in order to get her that spot. Sigh. I am just a mover, not a designer.

    Kanak, I can almost feel tropical with my winter blooming camelia. Too bad they don't smell good:( But I'll take it. Azaleas struggle here too, at least in my garden.

    Cameron, I've heard so much about that camelia farm. I might need to save some serious money first as I would surely leave very broke. Love the camelias any way you slice them. I am positive my azalea is not an encore, but maybe a newer cultivar that reblooms. It has been growing here since 2002 and never done this before. I am glad you think the Jean May is right as I do have the label, but we know how labels go. I looked online and usually it is reliable but I am not so sure all the time. Jean is my mother's name so it is 'her' camelia.

    Rose, Nearly identical pictures for sure. Love that sweet alyssum. It comes back every year. Glad you like the long shot. I have worked so hard on my garden and strived for year round interest. It is finally working-yea me. This garden has really come into its own and simple. Probably the success of it. I need to learn for the rest of the gardens. It is quite cold here too. No garden work but not because of the cold, I have a school paper and test to do like yesterday! yikes!

    Nola, It is really just me with the petunias. I don't have enough sun to make them happy so they kind of shine like for one week in early spring, then just kind of languish. I need to try something that will be happier. I do LOVE them in others gardens when they are happy. Sounds like they are most happy in yours. Plus, I might need to cut them back. I have never done this. See? I am learning a new trick from this blog and from you. Good thing.

    Skeeter, Very windy here too. I asked Mr. Fix it if he would park the car in the garage, then said nah, it is okay. OMG-can we say leaves everywhere-all over the car and the yard and everywhere! I feel it here too. Windy but not as cold as I expected. Unfortunately I have to stay in to do school. Sigh.

    Linda, Thanks so much. Yes, alyssum is a great selfseeder. I find it likes a raised bed though in pretty much a lot of sun. It has come back each year for five now. I started mine from seed too. There are different kinds, now that I am thinking I think this may be an old variety. You have a super weekend too! Glad you like the camelia. My favorite.

  14. I'm always envious of warmer zone gardeners and their "still blooming" gardens in November. It looks like the dead of winter here already.

    I just love the black-eyed Susan/silver euphorbia combo! Howz come there's only one? Perhaps it was full over the summer and is now waning. I agree with veronica being a "Plant of the Season." I have a pinkish unnamed variety and love it.

  15. Lots blooming for having a frost and I have to say that I agree with les on seeing how the blooms fit in the landscape. That really is a stunning photo.

  16. Brenda, You must get the 'Sunny Blue' as it is a winner! Such a long bloom and still looking great. Of course, I do like all veronicas. Cold front here too. Very windy. It is so cool hearing about the weather from all around real time. You'll like the anemone. Mine are slowly spreading. I moved one in the summer and though it did not make it but it has surfaced. Yahoo! A real reliable plant, the best.

    James, How do you keep your sasanqua looking so good in NJ? Do you do anything special? And to think they say you can't grow camelias here yet you are further north. Times are a changing. Thank you for the confirmation on the Jean May. I always go on the label but they aren't always right. Sadly for me!

    TC, Hi there! Dead of winter-yuck! Too soon. The brown eyes actually had more blooms but I only caught that one with the euphorbia. They are still blooming even. Glad you like that combo as it is my favorite too. I cheated though, the picture is actually flipped. The first time I ever had to rotate one. Veronica is great! I have the pink one too. Can't keep it down. I should put it in more sun though. The sunny blue is much bigger and a more intense blue than just about any plant, even the salvias. ttyl Still smiling at that new word I learned. My mother loved it too. I am going to use it somewhere, just watch and see.

  17. Mom, You posted when I was posting. That long shot is a sweetie. The north side of the house is usually challenging but it has worked out here. There is also another camelia opposite this one, anyhow. Windy and cold here. I hope it is sunny and bright up your way.

  18. Camellias would be my favorite too if I lived in a place warm enough for them. They are such show-stoppers. I keep planting Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' at my mom's house, but something keeps killing it. It is such a trooper. I had to laugh when I saw your shot of the Sweet Alyssum which, as Rose mentioned, is nearly identical to hers & mine. Poor plant; we take it for granted all year, then when we finally highlight it, it's gotten fallen leaves stuck in it.

  19. I love the Camelia & Oakleaf Hydrangea in that long shot. You still have tons of blooms lingering in your mid November garden Tina. I definitely need to add some Anemones for the fall.

  20. MMD, It is so neat to see the same flowers growing in each other's gardens. Rose also told me about yours and hers. I just love the alyssum. Sorry you can't grow the camelias, such fun, but you can grow lilacs pretty well:)

    Racquel, If you see anemones somewhere snatch them up quickly! These were a passalong and I was not familiar with them before receiving them. Now I see them on blogs everywhere and so much color and fun. Glad you like the long shot.

  21. Wow, Tina, you have so much going! I'm jealous of your japanese anemone--I have lots of foliage, but they've never bloomed--do they need a lot of sun? I have them in the shade garden. And I have buds on my camellias, but no blossoms yet--I can't wait. And I agree with Les, it's nice to see a few longer shots--I have to remember that next time. Gorgeous Bloom Day posting!

  22. Cosmo, I believe J. anemones do need sun. Mine are in a sunny area but still a bit of shade. I am betting to much shade is the problem. You might need to move them. Glad you like the long shots. What color camelias do you have? Can't wait to see them as I have so much fun looking at everyone's. ttyl Gotta go write that essay-I have to 7 pm and I am a procrastinator:(

  23. Gee wiz, I've been at the ballet all day and I'm 'bout the last to comment. I read this morning and thought, Wow! Our's have been gone for awhile up here. I like going to Portland though because SOOO many pretty red berries along the side of the road, almost looks like red smoke from a distance.
    Soggy again today but in the 40's tomorrow instead of the wet 60's.

  24. Happy Bloom Day, Tina! At this time of year you must be pleased about your southern relocation. All these bright colors cheered up my gray day. Dawn is right about the weather.

  25. Hi Tina, you have way more than me in bloom, those camellias are superb. I have some buds on a couple but they often get frosted before they can open. I have even thought about covering them when the weather gets cold, like they are calling for this week. Those yellow buttons are so very late, but never get zapped with the cold either. Will we ever find the real name? No one has come forward so far. I got mine at a local nursery but the owner was given a slip of it from a local gardener and so just named it for her! Of course that is not the real name and I don't even know where to begin to look. Thanks for the link love, too. I was going to say that I have that Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' too, like MMD. But mine has not bloomed since summer, did you deadhead? It was named for the nursery in Georgia that discovered that cultivar, Sunny Border Nursery. Your witch hazel is a beauty, it looks like Gail's that is blooming now. I have Diane too, but it blooms in February in a dark orange color. I wish I could get some of those alyssum going here they are so sweet and cheering. Great bloom day post, Tina!

  26. reading about your blooms on this very cold and bleary day was nice. you have a lot blooming, i have so much to learn about the blooming season here in tn.

  27. Hi Tina, wow you have so much more color left in your yard. I have a few mums, roses and other unknowns:) HAHAHA! I missed you all alot --but the kiddos had me in overdrive with activities. I have one out camping in this nice blustery weather --the others are home helping me clean up and of course color some pictures for Santa:) Never too soon for a Santa picture. Boy 1 is finally finished with his cross country sesaon --which means alot less driving for the mama. Boy 2 has picked up in his activities but we all can't tag-a-long with Boy Scouts --the big guys. Since we have a girl model and Sidekick:) I have Azalesa in the back of the house that are blooming again too! I thought maybe I did it last year by giving them some fertilizer but I didn't this year and they are blooming AGAIN. I am beginning to wonder if they are the Encore version I've heard people talking about. Well, almost bath and bed time for the younger two. Hi Jean!!! Hope you are staying toasty warm --I have my fireplace going down here tonight --nothing like those burning embers:) Oh yeah --cleaning up the ashes and dusting the house everyday, hehehe.
    Hi Skeeter --hope you didn't get too much of a cold front just yet. At least you were able to enjoy the fresh air flowing thru today --we had our doors closed tight with this cold wind and rain.
    Hopefully I will catch you all again soon! Ciao!

  28. Dawn, A friend came over today and saw my honeysuckle berries and couldn't believe it (the ones I picked in Maine) so I know those berries are so pretty! So many too. I can imagine the chaos at ballet.

    Sarah, You aren't kidding. I truly love my southern location. Garden all year-heck yeah. Maine's winters are too long for me. You stay warm.

    Hi Frances, We'll probably never know the cultivar of the yellow mum. I read recently that there are so many blends that they don't even name them much anymore. You ever noticed that? Just 'hardy mum'. What is up with that. Too bad on your camelia. I would cover it. Maybe put a light bulb on it but even without blooms what a great shrub. My spring bloomers always get zapped. So frustrating. I did not ever deadhead the sunny blue. You know they had flowers ALL season and are still going. I couldn't deadhead due to that. The bees and butterflies loved it. It is in an area on the east of the house in the foundation gardens. I simply love it. I have since spread it around. Looking forward to that. You're welcomed for the link. Anytime I refer to another blogger I do try to link, you just seem to be the one I refer to so much with all the plants we have in common that you get a lot of the links. Glad you like them. I am so totally not sure on the witch hazel. On research I have done on Diane it shows reddish blooms like you have. Mine are not reddish at all and neither are Gail's. I am doubting the labeling, even though it came from a very reputable nursery in Louisville. I hate it when that happens. You are wishing for alyssum, I am wishing for the scotch moss. Ironic huh?

    Marmee, Tennessee is such a good gardening state. I would even say great.

    Hi Anonymous! My mother and everyone are going to be so happy. Geez-I hope my mom doesn't get too excited-take it easy mom! It has been busy and with those four kiddos I know you are extra busy. It is cold tonight. I have the heat up high as I have a sore throat and general aches and pains. First time in a LONG time. Glad boy 1's cross country time is over. Now to relax a bit. Hope boy 2 stays warm. Any deer yet?

    Don't forget we are all getting together Thanksgiving weekend sometime. You, me, Nina, Skeeter, I also invited my girlfriend out here in Woodlawn, and will invite Geri too. She'd love to meet everyone. Looking forward to it! Let us all know a good date and time through email that we can all work it out. Nina-you too:) ttyl Stay warm! Hubby says I have to go-got my paper done just 15 minutes to spare.

  29. Tennessee is one state that I haven't spent much time in ... other than a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains a lifetime ago. I'm still getting used to people down here in Florida saying "retiring up north" in Tennessee. But way up north, in New England, they call November the Mud Season ... good to see its still the color season down south, or north, whichever you want to call it.

  30. Fall in Tennessee must be very mild because you garden looks so colorful and healthy. I agree with you that Sunny Blue is beautiful.

  31. Good Evening All,
    Just popping in for a minute. Been busy with ggk. They sure take up a lot of your time. But worth it as they grow up so fast.
    Loved the pics Tina. That long shot is very pretty. You sure have a lot still blooming.
    Some things here--Lantana, Pinta, Petunias, Red Begonias, mums, Cannas, Pansies & some others I can't recall off hand.
    A touch of vertigo-am slow. Sorry.
    Have a great day tomorrow, all.

  32. So much more bloom variety in your yard than there is in mine! I wish I could have a reason to hope for a begonia's return next year, but it never happens here.

  33. HIIIIII ANONYMOUS!!!!!!! I did get excited to see you on here. It has been so long and I have not even had an email and I do miss you. Have a great get together all you guys over Thanksgiving. Wish I were there. I am turning green with envy!!!

    Lola the great grandkids do tire you out but they sure are worth it as, like you say, they grow up so fast. Every week Josh learns new words and is so proud of himself. They were here today for 8 hours and he would not leave my side or lap for a mintue. I snuck in my bedroom for a mintue and had to come back as he cried so hard. Sarah is so good about bringing him down and comes just about every day that she does not work. She had 4 days off over Veterns Day and came down all 4 days. I was really tired after that but would not change one nano second of it. I feel very lucky she could get stationed here and am very thankful for our time with him. He was 19 months on Thursday so it is such a changing time for him.

  34. Beautiful photos. I so wish my sweet alyssum would self seed in my garden.

  35. Robert, I can see where Tennessee would be considered up north for you Floridians. Funny too I think.

    Rusty, Thanks! Haven't talked to you in a while. Hope all is great in Florida. That Sunny Blue is a winner!

    Lola, I know those busy weeks. You take it easy. You still have lots blooming and I am glad you enjoyed my little garden too.

    Mom, You'll get to meet them all when you guys come down. Got the iced tea ready Anonymous?:) I can't believe how well Josh speaks for being so young. He is such a sweetie and I think it GREAT you get to see him so much. They all needed extended family near them with a small one in the house. I know I missed this when the girls were little. They grow so fast.

    Daphne, Hello and welcome! I think the sweet alyssum is an old variety. It does behave just like MMD said-as a perennial since it returns each year. I think it likes a raised bed area. Try it out as even in MA I would think it would come back. Thanks for dropping by and do stay warm in sunny New England.

  36. All the camellias are wonderful, Tina, but that white one is especially beautiful but the size of the pink sasanqua amazed me - they can get that big?!

    Your camellias must like living in Tennessee - my two plants are alive, but bet they'd leave Austin if they had feet!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  37. Annie, Ha! That is funny. I can see the two camelias getting up and heading east. Camelias can get quite big-small trees actually. This one is over 10 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. A great specimen I have been growing for 6 years now. I am debating if I want to prune it to a tree or leave it shrubby. Not sure yet. I thought yours were great too and all the color you have there in sunny Texas.

  38. Hi Tina - you sure have a lot more blooms then I do this time of year. Everything is looking really good.

    I am jelouse of your witch hazel, I have been wanting one of them for a few years. They are not that easy to come by. I really like that Fairy Rose and your Camelia's.

    I posted my GBBD today. I have about 4 plants still hanging on to blooms in my soon to be winter wonderland.

  39. I love love love single camelias! I think they're so elegant!

  40. Dan, Thanks! Check around via the Internet for a witch hazel. This is how I found my first two. An easy thing to do. I need to go look for some Hakone now...

    Fern, Thanks! I too love those camelias-all are super plants. Elegant too:)

  41. lots of pretty blooms still in your garden this Bloom Day Tina! I love your foundation bed. The combination of colors and textures is gorgeous.

  42. Tina ~ I LOVE your foundation plantings and can't wait to hear more about them. Looks like you still have a lot going on in the garden.