Sunday, November 30, 2008


You all must know by now that I love Elephant ears in my Georgia Garden! After all, I am standing in the middle of them on my profile picture.

Here I am again standing among my tropical friends. I picked up the bulbs in a bag at a big box store and they were labeled Miniature. I believe they were mislabeled. What do you think? If not, then I would really like to see the large ears! I stand 5 foot 7 and they are above my head! Look at the size of the leaf compared to my head.

I like the heart shaped leaves on the elephant ears and they do look like the ear of an elephant. I came out of a store once and found my dad sitting on a brick wall holding elephant ears up to his head and he was just roaring away as if an elephant. I will never forget how funny I thought that was and hope to always have elephant ears in my garden for that memory alone!

I did not research the bulbs before I put them in the ground. I just stuck them in the ground in a sunny area and let nature take its course. I recently read that they need a lot of water to survive but for some reason, my ears do not as I don't water them much. And as you know, we have been in a drought ever since I planted these ears 3 years ago. All I do is give them a fresh coat of pine straw each year and water occasionally but not often. I don't know what it is about them but they seem to really like my garden as they return each year being larger then the previous year.

I added a Black Elephant ear to the garden this year. The tag said to put in the shade so it was planted in a totally different spot then the other ears.

It must have liked the spot as it gave me a bloom!

Although, a strange looking bloom. It actually gave me several of these interesting blooms that resembled the blooms on the Caladium plants. I wonder if they are related. Hum, maybe our Master Gardener can answer that one for us.
The first picture you saw of my elephant ears was snapped on Nov. 4 and standing tall. This picture was snapped on Nov 19 the morning that mean ole Jack Frost showed up at the front door. Jack will not leave town and I am really tired of his visit and wish he would leave! The leaves turned to mush and have been put into the compost bin.

I really do enjoy my ELEPHANT EARS and cant wait for them to return, In the Garden...


  1. I love these plants too. They can really add a tropical feel to the garden. They are indeeded related to the Caladiums. We use one called Lime Zinger, it has chartreuse foliage and is great for containers to mix with other plants. The bulb may need to be lifted in the fall because it is not as hardy as other varieties. You should check out Plant Delights on-line catalog for some great photos, info and different varieties.

  2. They are so pretty. I don't grow them here, as they don't like my garden. Ha! Les said the elephant ears are related to caladiums. Good thing as I did not know and would've had to look it up. I think your elephant ears add so much. I wish I could come when the garden is in full swing, but it will be back soon enough. We know.

    Les, I purchased Lime Zinger for a friend last summer at a garden show where I totally loved it in the gardens there. They said it was hardy (Zone 7 sandy). I am not sure how it is doing for my friend. Hope she still has it as I told her it was hardy and I don't think she dug it. Uh oh.

    Everyone have a great day.

  3. Good Morning All,
    Skeeter, those are some large ears. I remember my mother having them but they never got that big. She lifted the bulb in winter. I have both & they are nowhere that big. But mine are in pots. Maybe I should put them in the ground.
    I hope all have a lovely day.

  4. Hi Skeeter,

    I think that Elephant Ears are fantastic and I especially like Black Elephant. I have grown them in a container and were they ever thirsty. The one problem~~ they look out of place in my woodland garden! Have a great day! Gail

  5. Good Morning everyone!

    We will be on the road soon! I hate leaving my TN home but I have two furry gals waiting for us in GA plus my garden awaits my arrival as well. Once home, time to start preparing for Saint Nick to arrive....

    I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. I sure know I did....

  6. I love elephant ears, too. They add such a great tropical feel to a garden. I have three different ones in mine, but I do like the upright ones in your garden. Maybe it was a good idea not to water them to often; can you imagine how big they might be if you had watered them?

    Always Growing

  7. What a great memory of your father! Funmy, I live in zone 9a and my elephant ears were nonperformers. I also had something similar that were skinnier, longer, almost black, with bold yellow veining. They went away after a cold year and never came back. Vickie

  8. Wow, that's a pretty plant. I'd have to say miniature was a bit of a mislabel too. I wish I could grow them here, but I'm not a person who would remember to lift it out of the ground in the winter. The poor thing would freeze it's ears off up here.

  9. Very cool plants Skeeter. I've wanted to add some to our garden but just haven't gotten around to yet, why do I say that a lot? The memory of your dad doing that will stay with you a long time!

  10. They sure are beautiful and the bloom only adds to the mystic of the name but providing a trunk!

  11. They are huge and gorgeous. Your Dad sounds like a fun loving person. You must be a chip of the ole block.

    Have a good trip back and be safe.

  12. Meems,

    My ears are drooping now, too. It's cold enough now to cover up my big ears for the winter.


  13. I love these plants in the garden too Skeeter. They are a nice backdrop for everything else. Mine have been mush for several weeks now too. They'll be back next year. :)

  14. We had Elephant Ears growing in my yard when I lived in Florida -- I'll have to research it and see if there are any that grown here in NY. Or maybe I can find a houseplant version. Yours look outstanding!

  15. Wonderful post Skeeter! I love elephant ears too but plant them in containers instead of the ground. Of course, they never get anywhere near the size of yours! and I've never seen a bloom! That was interesting. I'm envious you don't have to dig yours for the winter. I'd lose mine if I didn't.

  16. Your plants are beautiful. I never knew they grew so tall. Thank you for the good wishes. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  17. Most impressive Tina, they are huge! I would love to have those in my garden but I suppose I could only have them as an indoor plant, very nice / Tyra

  18. Oh, how sad to see that last photo! I love elephant ears too. Only had them in my pond. They got so big the pot they were planted in fell over and I finally had to trim them all the way back. I want some in my garden too! What time of year do you plant the bulbs?

  19. Me too Skeeter! I just love them. But I don't like to see them "melt" after the frost. I wait until the last minute, watching the weather, then cut them at their base before they melt.

    I'm already looking forward to next year. In my Zone 7b garden, they come back nicely for me each year.

  20. Whew, we are back in GA after a long drive. I did manage to get some shut eye for a bit but all that does is make the trip a groggy one. lol. Heavy traffic through Chattanooga but a breeze through Atlanta! Yeah for some wonders.....

    Brenda, I planted them in the spring time...

    I do love the elephant ears but just as Frosty with the heat, the Ears melt with Frosty!

    Speaking of frosty, we stopped in Nashville on the way home today to check out the Ice Event at Opryland Mall. Really frosty neat adventure and I suggest anyone with children take them in for a look at the Grinch! But dont forget your gloves!

    Long day and time for me to unpack and spend some time with my black beauties!

  21. I've never grown elephant ears; I don't know why, because I admire them every time I see them in someone else's garden. I don't think I've ever seen any as large as yours, though, Skeeter! If these are "miniature," I can't imagine what the large ones look like:)

  22. Wow, you've done just great with them; those are huge! I love the black ones, very exotic!

  23. Really neat looking plant --I've never grown any but they would be a great filler in some of my big wide open spots out back.

    Glad you made it back safely. And, I heard they keep that Grinch display freezing cold so the noses don't melt off the characters, lol. I heard that one morning on the radio. We hope to get the kiddos down there soon.

    Hi Tina, Jean, Lola, Nina and Dawn --have a great night!

  24. Skeeter,
    I'm glad you & The Saint got home safe. I know you had a wonderful holiday with family & friends.
    That in Nashville would be a great place for gd to take ggk's when she goes up there. How long is it on display?
    I hope all had a great day. Tina, Nina, Skeeter, anonymous, Dawn & Jean & anyone else I hope you have a restful night.

  25. What fantastic leaves! I had no idea these grew from bulbs :)

  26. Happy to hear you had a safe trip skeeter.

    I wish I could grow colocasia like that! Zone 5 just isn't very conducive to tropicals! ;~)

  27. The elephant ears were really easy for me to grow but maybe they just love my sandy soil mix in that area.

    I think they look great around swimming pools for a tropical feel with the water. Anonymous are you listening???

    Lola, I think the Ice display runs through the first of next year and the kids would love it. They have an ice slide you can go down on your bottom. The Saint and I just had to try that fun thing! My butt got cold.... tee hee.... We also ate lunch in the Rainforest Café inside the mall which the kids would love if they have not been there before…

    TC, maybe you could pot one if you have the room for storage during the cold months....

  28. I have grown the black elephant ears because of their incredible coloration. The neon green against the black is so beautiful.

    The last time I checked, Plant Delights Nursery offered a 'Thailand Giant Strain' of elephant ear. The leaves get HUGE! I'm talking 5 feet long.

    Here's the link:

  29. AWSOME!
    I dont think we can grow them in Sweden... never seen them in gardens herer....