Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vegetable Garden Update

Tina's Vegetable Garden Update

The vegetable garden is no longer in a state of transition. All summer vegetables have been pulled and the winter crop is planted. All I can do now is sit and wait and let nature do its work underground with the onions and garlic that are growing in the vegetable garden. As you can see from above I have been harvesting green onions. They are pretty spicy-but good and fresh!
I was able to harvest two paper bags full of green tomatoes. One bag went to my daughter in Louisville, the other is safely tucked away in the garage waiting for time to ripen the tomatoes. I will still be eating these tomatoes in January.

Gourds were pulled and are also in the garage. There will be posts on them as the time comes, but just look at this one little gourd that did not want to leave its spot. I will leave it on the gate and see what comes of it. Again, time will work its wonder on all the vegetables, both summer and winter. Gardening is pretty much out of the gardeners hands in the late fall and winter period here in Tennessee. I did plant beets, arugula, broccoli raab, and lettuce. They have all germinated and are growing nicely in pots on the south side of my home. I had planned to get some crops in the coldframe and try to grow veggies all winter, unfortunately the flowering tobacco has taken up residence in the coldframe and I don't have the heart to dislodge it from its choice spot since it is a perennial. So no coldframe veggies, at least for now.
All beds have been shoveled over with an inch of compost added. I also lightly mulched the beds with hay and pinestraw. They will sleep until February when I begin planting the spring garden. The A-frames have been moved into their spots in anticipation of growing gourds and cucumbers next year. I rotate all crops each year and place the markers and trellises after cleaning the garden. This way I am all set to go come spring. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow-I am ready now and so is the garden.

My mother also tells me her Maine vegetable garden has been put to bed for the winter.

Skeeter's Vegetable Garden Update:

Living in Georgia has its perks. One being we have a long growing season. We are still collecting Tomatoes, Hot and Sweet Peppers from our garden. By the time this is posted in 3 days, I may not have much remaining as Jack Frost is expected to come for a visit by then.
Until Jack arrives, we still have tomatoes...
Sweet Green Peppers...
although a bit blurry, Hot Jalapeno Peppers...

And Sweet Banana Peppers growing in the veggie garden!

The Eggplant continues to bloom but without producing any thing for us to eat. I am enjoying the pretty purple blooms though, the green foliage looks a bit tired.

We still have visiting pollinators to the garden as well. This Cloudless Sulfur butterfly was busy doing its part to help out the process.

I also harvested 7 Gourds of various sizes! This was my first time growing gourds so this was exciting for me. I will talk more about them another time.

It will be interesting to see what Tina and I have for a VEGETABLE GARDEN UPDATE, next month, In the Garden...

*Note: Mr. Jack Frost came to Georgia November 19th and finished off Skeeter's Veggie garden! Sigh...


  1. Hooray, a twofer!

    My post is up even though it is nothing like your alls!


    Ornamental Edibles Or Pretty Tasty

  2. I wish I could have more winter veggies growing outside :(
    I guess I'll be positive and say I am happy for the break from gardening as a time to catch up on blogging :)
    Seriously, Tina & Skeeter it all looks great!
    And I did post something, amazingly at the beginning of the day as opposed to the end of the day :)

  3. I don't grow very many veggies--no room, but my banana peppers are still producing. Time to say goodbye to gardens for a while I guess. (Skeeter-congrats!!!)

  4. As much as I love the growing season, there is also something very satisfying about the tidying up at the end of the season. :-)

    I like those A-frames. Are they recycled fence posts?

  5. Congratulations to both of you for your successful veggie gardens! Can't wait for next year!

  6. Good Morning All,
    Great harvest both Tina & Skeeter. Jack Frost also came to visit me. I did manage to harvest some tomatoes, banana pepper & long bell. I say long bell as they are supposed to be bell but are long. Can't figure that one out.
    It was & is 29º yesterday & this A.M. at about the same time.
    Have a great day all.

  7. I forgot to mention Skeeter, the gourd in the middle looks like a Santa to me. All painted up with his little hat. Hmmmm!!!!!!!

  8. Tina and Skeeter,

    Wow... vegies still! The tomatoes look fantastic and Skeeter...the peppera are beautiful!
    I notice your clever re-purposing of the fence posts! Fantastic!

    Have a good day to both of you!


  9. I was able to pick several green tomatoes before the cold killed the vines. I will have some for a big salad on Thanksgiving;)

    Put the veggie garden to sleep with about a foot of chopped leaves over it.

  10. I wrote a post, and went off to the next blog without logging in to Google! both did great with your veggie gardens! Harvesting until mid-November is fantastic! Sorry about the ended many flowers here yesterday, too.


  11. I'm amazed you were still getting tomatoes Tina! Ours have been gone now for a couple weeks. I suppose we're in a little cold spot. Skeeter that longer growing season definitely has its advantages! I wish I still had some home grown tomatoes to eat. We'll just have to rely on the one's in the freezer!

  12. Gorgeous stuff, both of you! Skeeter, and amazing array of peppers & gourds and Tina, I'm curious about your tomato ripening methods. Also, Tina I'm checking out the design of your a-frames and thinking I might build something similar - they look terrific.

  13. Hi, Tina and Skeeter. Skeeter, congratulations on your prize-winning photo--well-deserved. And I'm jealous of all the veggies both of you have going. I've put up my very pathetic offering. Oh, well, at least I'll have fresh sage for Thanksgiving.

  14. Can I come to dinner? I'll cook and do the cleaning up, I promise! Your veggies look delicious, both of you. Skeeter, one of those gourds looks like it could become a snowman or maybe woman. It's big bottom reminds me I need to go for a walk!

  15. Good morning all!

    Frances, Your post is great-clever to combine two-very smart and something I would do too.

    Cindy, Wowsies! You have so much room and everything looks good enough to play in. Which is what I need to do today in my dirt:)

    Linda, Banana peppers are great! I went back on your posts and didn't see a pic, but if you can get one up I'll snatch get the link and add it if you like.

    Susan, Thanks! And for faving me. I love your blog too. You are one hard working gal and if you ever get to TN I am sure I can find an arbor for you to build. Maybe even an A frame? On my archives the A Frame link tells you how I built mine. The poles are not recycled fence poles, decorative poles I purchased specifically for the purpose. Check it out as I can assure these frames work! Never once did they blow over and the vining crops literally covered and smothered them.

    Linda (GG) Can't wait to see how you do your veggie garden!

    Lola, Yup, tis the season to say goodbye to the garden:(

    Gail, Glad you like the veggies. A focal point you can eat. Not fence posts on the a frames, decorative posts bought for the purpose. Though fence posts would work I'd have to carve a pretty top, not something I want to spend time on.

    Marnie, A lovely green tomato salad sounds great. I need to do something like that with mine.

    Cameron, Hate it when that happens. Anytime this month if you have a veggie post I will pull the link and add it in if that is okay?

    Dave, I had tons of tomatoes still. I just pulled them last week. I think the trick is their cages and they are somewhat sheltered too.

    JGH, Living in NY you really should try this tomato ripening method. I put all the tomatoes in the double paper bag last week and you see what is happening? Not sure how it works but it works. I'll still be eating them in January. Now you do have to check for rotten ones every few days or so. I have always done this. Another way I used in Maine is to hang the plants upside down in a basement and let the tomatoes ripen on the vines. Works pretty much the same. Under my archives is a link for the A frames, complete with general directions. These are the best next to the concrete cages I use for my tomatoes. Try it out let me know how it goes. They are pretty.

    Cosmo, Put up something with the sage-relate to turkey day if you like and I will add it in for sure. You had so much last month and I'd love an update on the figs if you get the time.

    Walk2Write, You can come to dinner anytime! Just head on south and give me about a week's notice so I can clean the house and buy some food. And you clean too? You can move in!

  16. Tina:
    You seemed to have a great garden this past summer. I envy all of the tomatoes that you had left over. We collected some, but have eaten them all already. I thought though that you were not supposed to have them layered, when they are ripening. I don't know if this matters or not.

    You are so lucky to still be picling produce and have such a green yard. My ward is white. I am in zone 5b and am experiancing Jack Frost all to well!

  17. Tina:
    You seemed to have a great garden this past summer. I envy all of the tomatoes that you had left over. We collected some, but have eaten them all already. I thought though that you were not supposed to have them layered, when they are ripening. I don't know if this matters or not.

    You are so lucky to still be picling produce and have such a green yard. My ward is white. I am in zone 5b and am experiancing Jack Frost all to well!

  18. I always clean up--after myself, that is. Gave up cleaning other people's houses a long time ago. Sorry! I'm seriously considering your offer of a week's notice, though, since I'm slated (volunteered) to prepare dinner next Thursday. What was I thinking?

  19. Tina I used to use paper bags also but for the first time this year, I used small cardboard boxes with a newspaper on top. I found I could keep a better check on them that way. I have 4 tomatoes left then, oh well, I'll have to get them at the store, darn it.

  20. Zach, It is probably a lot better to not have the tomatoes stacked, but as long as you check them regularly there hasn't been a problem with me stacking them. It's just easier that way. But you wouldn't want a whole paper bag full. That is why I gave my daughter the other bag. Too many would not be a good thing. Don't worry, your garden will be back soon. Hard to believe this year is almost over.

    Come anytime W2W! I'd love to have you-lots of stuff to do here and you can bet I know all the good thrift shops, antique stores, flea markets, and oh yes, a few plant places:) I was just over at your place and listening to the music now.

  21. Wow, that's a plethora of veggies, long after there have been any here! Good job and happy winter eating. Now, let's don't get too carried away with that "let it snow" chant, okay?!! ;-)

  22. Great blog! I read some of your older posts very informative. I am trying to learn more about veggie gardening any help would be appreciated.

  23. Hi guys, I'm on late due to having wisdom teeth out this am and guess what? I'm doing good! Whew I was so nervous about it but now all I feel is relief they're out....that leds me to my comment, all the fresh veggies look wonderful! But for the first time it didn't make me hungry! LOL

  24. Hello everyone, I am late getting on here yet again. That time of year I reckon with oh so much to do...

    Tina I envy your green thumb on the onions! I have never had luck with onions and tried again this spring with no luck!

    I knew Jack was stopping by yesterday morning so I picked the largest of the tomatoes and pepper and got them safely into the house. Some small maters remain on the ground. Can we say compost? :)

    Thanks for the continuing congrats on the picture contest! I received my prize today in the mail. I won a Year pass to GA State Parks, T-shirt, drink cozy, pencil and bumper stickers. Whoo wee, the ultimate was the park pass. Now I have an excuse to check out all the State Parks that we can in the next year!

  25. Dawn, Glad you survived the dentist. Remember, no water skiing! lol

  26. I just love that a-frame Tina and good for you getting the garden all ready for winter & next spring. Putting out the tags now is very clever. :)
    Congrats on the harvest you collected from your garden Skeeter just a couple of days ago. Jack Frost was bound to visit, I know he came in & took out all my tender tropical perennials for another season.

  27. Mom, We posted the same time and I did not catch you. Cardboard boxes would work well too. May have to try it. So far for space the paper bag has been convenient. Gotta go to the store.

    Kathleen, Amen on the snow chant-I'll only whisper it very very low so that no one really hears:) It is coming soon enough that is for sure, especially for you northerners. Getting cold.

    Darla, Glad you enjoy the blog. Yours is wonderful as well. You have such a large garden and so much going on there. Veggies are integral for sure. I hope I can help you a bit. Tennessee is much different from Florida but Lola (a contributor and commenter) lives there so she might help too. She grows veggies.

    Dawn, No eating for a while! It will heal though. Glad you survived it.

    Skeeter, Plant some onions now. These were actually planted in the spring though. Some have bulbed, some haven't. It just takes time. Did you pull your spring planted ones? They should be growing if you did not. Which reminds me, Anonymous had planted some, wonder how hers are doing.

    Racquel, Glad you caught my tag thing. I learned I always forget come next spring. And who has time to write everything down? And even if you did (I don't), then you'd have to find it next spring. Gee whiz, it is easier to just do it now. Sounds like you all got bit by a heavy frost too. The A frame instructions are under archives. Very simple and easy. I can move them myself (difficult but doable). I think I'd recommend shorter versions over the one long version I have if you make one. More flexible.

  28. Well, just checked gardens. Tomatoes, peppers, Cannas gone. Tops of some other tender plants got bit. Freeze not hard enough to take them out. I tried to cover as much as I could. I think they will be ok till we get the big one.
    Jean, you did pretty good being in Maine & still having toms this late. Great going.

  29. Tina, Those green tomatoes look great! I never had much luck keeping the green ones and getting them to ripen; of course, this year I didn't even have green tomatoes by the end of the fall.
    Sounds like your garden is ready for a good winter's sleep.

    Skeeter, Everything looks so good in your veggie garden, but I see you were hit by frost last night? (I assume that was supposed to be Nov. 19.) Can't wait to see what you do with your gourds.

  30. I simply have to plant gourds. I love their unique shapes and sizes!

  31. Can't wait to read more on the gourds; I didn't have much success. My vines were beautiful, but I only got 1 birdhouse gourd. There were a few small luffas, but not mature when the frost got them last weekend.

  32. Tina & Skeeter, I had only 2 of the gourds so brought them in before the bad temps. Now, how do I dry them? Can I just sit them in my utility room {no heat} or hang them or bring them into the house. This is my first time for growing them. The connecting vine was still green. Just the part going into the ground was brown {like dead} looking.

  33. Hey everyone! I have been busy today working but fun working with the glue gun! :-)

    Tina, I did pull the onion as they were just kind of like scraggle weeds in the way of the flower bed which we must take apart and build again. Arggg, the thing is falling apart... Nice winter project for the Saint and I after the holidays are over and we get bored....

    Raquel, Jack was bound to get us as some point but not expecting so soon. Not normal for here....

    Good night all....

  34. You do have a nice long growing season don't you! I am impressed that you have so much done in anticipation of spring! That is optimism and a lot of hard work!

  35. Lola, Not sure how Skeeter is drying her gourds, but I placed mine on some cardboard in the garage. An unheated room in the house or even heated will also work. Generally they take from 2-3 months to dry. Occasionally you turn them. They get moldy, it is normal. Once dried you can hear the seeds. Then you have to scrub the gourds with a steel pad in bleach. I will post on it when I do mine. Just let them dry for now. Good job your gourds! And to Skeeter and everyone who has them!

    Rose, The veggie garden is ready for sleep, me too! (It's gettting late) Of course I am not quite ready for winter in the rest of the garden. Sigh.

    Brenda, They are so neat and variable for sure. I like them all. I hope your door is in tonight.

    Nola, Stay tuned. We'll post on the gourd process for sure.

    Skeeter, Just what were you making with the glue gun? Not burning your skin like Dawn and I do I hope?

    Layanee, All set for spring in the veggie garden for sure. You know us gardeners-lots and lots of optimism! Things like: Next year it will be better....Ha! It is always next year for me.

  36. That looks like a very satisfying end to a vegetable gardening season and great that you are also doing winter crops. I am now getting my vegetable and annuals seedlings up. How amazing we both have Sulfur butterflies!

  37. Hi Tina --my onions turned out pretty good. I used most of them up already --instead of buying onions I would go out and snatch some from the yard --didn't matter what the size was, hahaha. It sure is cold here today --but it was a busy day. I had to make cookies for a fundraiser for Boy 2, cupcakes for the girl model and I made an ice cream cake --shaped like ...ta da.... a FROG. Girl Model and Sidekick love frogs and love ice cream cake:) This thing took two days to get it together --it was a slow process but turned out pretty cool --if I must say so myself. I might have to take a picture of it.
    I enjoyed seeing the gardens still producing --my yard looks like winter --yesterday I cleaned out one side of the houses flower bed --it was time consuming but looks great now. I hacked down all the old dead stuff --it will be back in the spring:) It's such a feeling of accomplishment --now to get the other side done, rofl.
    Hi Jean --hope you are staying toasty. Do you have a fireplace? I have been keeping ours going steady for days now:) The dust is everywhere but the heat is nice:) It's not the sole heat for the downstairs but makes it warmer with it going.
    Hi Lola, WOWSER you have some cold temperatures already. Wrap up in some flannel jammies and stay warm.
    Skeeter, your planting season is awesome --even though you had the drought your stuff sure thrived --must've been all that TLC you gave those plants on those hot scorching days, they are now repaying you with a bountiful harvest:)
    Nighty -night have to put another log on the fire --hehehe REALLY:0) Ciao!

  38. Hi Nicole, It is SO neat to see the same butterflies in different countries. I don't think you can keep those sulfurs down ever. Good luck with your seedlings. Must be nice to be tropical this time of year:)

    Anonymous, You stay so busy! Tell the kiddos I said hello. Mr. Fix-it got his orders. It is as we wanted. Yahoo!!! Don't know if I told you or not. I was wondering those onions when Skeeter mentioned hers. Didn't she do good considering she never had a big veggie garden before? Good job on cleaning your gardens! You have such nice ones and are a good caretaker of them I must say. ttyl

  39. Everything looks so organised and clean. Great job! I still have frost bitten tomatoes rotten in my raised beds, lol!

  40. Ms Tina and Skeeter:

    I'm jealous!

    Nuff said.

  41. Tina, I had 3 small boxes. No bigger than a grocery bag. I would check them each day and one box would have almost ripe, next box had just turning and the last box had all green. Was easy to check them that way and not end up with rotten or moldy ones. I had them on the chest freezer and the boxes got mositure in the beginning so dried them and put the boxes on cookie sheets. Was so easy.

    Anonymous we do not have a fireplace and as pretty as they are, I do not want one. Been there, done that! Too much work for us with the extra cleaning, not to mention all the other work that goes with it. Great to see you here again. Glad the family has been busy but we missed you.

    Dawn, hope you are mended by turkey day so you can enjoy. You should be.

  42. All the veggies look so mouth-watering! And I envy Skeeter's gourd harvest!

  43. tina - good idea for ripening tomatoes in the paper bag, I will have to try this next year.

    skeeter - that bell pepper and chili's look really good, looks like the beginnings of salsa.

  44. Tina and I sure did get lucky with having late crops but now all gone. I made a warm tomato salsa to top off the grilled chicken tonight. Was yummy...

    I cant tell what the glue gun was for Tina... Tis the season, fa la la la la.....

    My gourds are hanging in the closet to dry...

  45. You're inspiring me to grow more peppers, Tina! Your garden is wonderful.

  46. Those are wonderful looking harvests, Tina and Skeeter - you're making me jealous.

    I pulled off the few tomatoes not pecked or bitten - made 3 into fried green tomatoes. Now I'm not sure which I'd rather have - your red tomatoes or green ones!

    Good luck with the winter crops~

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    (the word is palingle)