Friday, November 7, 2008

Compost and a Nearly Grown Cat

I know, who wants to see compost? And can you really even see it through all the leaves anyhow? No, probably not, but take my word for it when I tell you there is some lovely black compost mixed in this big ole bin. I also have two other identical ones that have the raw materials cooking into compost. But this post is really just to update you on Compost the kitten and to start you off on a funny weekend.

I found a little kitten just three days before we were due to leave on vacation back in July. No shelter in town would take her, and I could not find a home for her despite my best efforts. We made the trip all the way to Maine with this little kitten in our vehicle. Christine, my oldest daughter, volunteered to foster her until she could find her a home. Christine was successful! Though not in the way we all expected. My youngest sister Terri agreed to take Compost since Christine was leaving for basic training and could not find another home for the kitten. Here is what Compost looks like now. If you click on the initial post on Compost you will see she has changed quite a bit, and is no longer a tiny kitten. She is still a bit skittish around new people and quite a handful I am told, but has adjusted well despite her rough start in life living in my compost bin. We are all very grateful Terri took Compost in, even with her three dog-cats (yippy tiny chihuahuas) and her other two cats as well. What a houseful!

Oh yes, one more really funny thing to leave you with this weekend. A belly laugh. If you don't get one, then I don't know what to say. As many of you know I have been busy on Blotanical. I just love visiting AND commenting on other blogs and new posts. I have found some really great ones-so darned many!!!!!!!! This particular one is too funny to pass up and I had to share it with you. My compost post is perfect to go along with Indoor Gardener's post. Please go check out a short video posted at Indoor Gardener and found here. There is a warning posted, a warning to be prepared to laugh in my opinion!

in the garden....laughing.


  1. Tina, I had seen this clip before and found it hilarious, but thanks for the link to see it again. So glad the little kitty found a good home and is growing so well. I envy all of you with compost bins. I really should start one. Maybe I can talk hubby into building me on behind the garage. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Tina, yes that was very funny in a disgusting sort of way! The happy ending for the kitten is a great way to end the week. You deserve a medal for taking the kitten with you in the car all that way too. Well done. I need more bins for the compost to be turned into. Oh Gardoctor....

  3. Hi Tina ~ Too funny and yes disgusting all at once. My stomach is now churning. I'm glad to see Compost is doing well with her new family :)

  4. 山男 (Yamaotoko)November 7, 2008 at 6:12 AM

    She is growing fast! I am looking forward to seeing her this weekend. Sadly, I desperately wanted to take her into my care, but my allergies prohibited me from doing so. She and my daughter got along, and I really hated making the decision not to take her.

  5. Cute little kitty--I am so glad she has a home.
    Thanks for the link...I look at it after work.
    Have a wonderful weekend Tina!

  6. Compost is so lucky! Glad to hear she's doing well. Such a cutie.

    I'll check out those links.


  7. It's always good news to be able to find a home for a stray! She is adorable. I totally forgot that was her name...a great one, by the way! The rains are here and
    how is up there?

    There are some great people blogging and blotanical is a good way to meet them! I have been visiting from the popular pages, sometimes starting in the middle sometimes on the pages further back!


  8. I didn't see that coming. Ick!

  9. Beckie, Thanks! I had never seen it and hubby was sitting with me and saw it too. It was amazing to us and hilarious! Do talk hubby into building a compost bin. I am upset with mine. I lost a gold chain bracelet somewhere yesterday and I suspect it was in the bin:( I will eventually find it. Geez! I am a bit upset but not as much as I thought I'd be considering I bought that bracelet in Saudi Arabia so it is the good stuff, and expensive. Hope the compost likes it as I cannot find it.! Just kidding. He will make you a beautiful one. Sounds like a good chore for winter. My bins are overflowing now, along with a gold bracelet:(

    Cindy, That video was just the funniest. You know how Mr. Fix-it feels about blogging? He saw it and loved it! We both can't believe it. Sorry your tummy is churning.

    Yamaotoko, That is a hard name for me! That Compost is still a bit small but very, very pretty. A cat is probably not something you need with allergies, don't beat yourself up about it. It is best not to take an animal if you can't care for it. Christy is doing well. Graduates the 16th. Can't wait to see her. Bella is doing good too. Quite the hyperactive dog. I need to post a pic of her soon.

    Linda, I feel so honored you pop on here before you head off to work. The clip is funny! Good for gardeners. Do check it out. Have a super great day!

    Cameron, This little kitty had a tough life. I almost died of fright when I saw her moving in my compost bin. Hence the name Compost. My sister is a great animal lover.

    Gail, We got barely half an inch. NOT enough to make much of a difference. Especially after planting, dividing and transplanting yesterday. I suspect I will be using the hose this weekend;( Blotanical is something I have come to late. It is fun for me to meet others who are like minded and get the different perspectives on gardening. Not to mention the blogging thing. I can really see myself writing a dissertation on blogging if I ever decided to go for a doctorate. Nope, not for me. Guess I'll just have to stick with visiting and commenting on the blogs for now and let someone else do the research on the dynamics of blogging.

  10. I could fill that compost pile many times over, Tina. Hubby removed all leaves a few days ago but today you can not tell it. Our kids first kitty looked just like that. When it had kittens we had to find homes for them. The kids named every one. Till this day 30 or so years later my daughter remembers each and every one's name that we gave away.

  11. Marnie, Sorry! It does kind of hit one in the eye pretty quickly. I thought it funny though. Maybe it is just me:) But I really got a laugh from it. I love compost but not THAT much for sure.

    Donna, That is so sweet your daughter still remembers all the kittens. Kittens are so sweet, I just love them too.

  12. Good Morning All,
    What a cute post Tina. I'm so glad that Compost has a nice warm home. It sure is a cutie.
    That video was something else. Nice compost but I don't think I'd go that far.
    Have a great day all.

  13. Compost is a TERROR!!! As much as an animal lover as Terri-Lynn is, she is about ready to kill her. Not really, but close. Papa came in the other night and said he had NEVER seen Terri-Lynn so mad before. She loves to tear anything in her path apart. Guess that is part of being a kitten and at some point, will outgrow it. She killed a goldfish a couple of weeks ago. But then she has her sweet times.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Emma, Jay. We will have a good time at the Giant Staircase. It is a great spot. I think Emma and Josh will have fun.

  14. Pretty funny, but stomach-turning at the same time. I hope there weren't any earthworms in that batch!

    So glad Compost's story has a happy ending. I volunteer once a week at the local animal shelter with my granddaughter; it's amazing, and sad, how many kittens come in each month. It's hard for me not to take one home each time.

  15. Hi guys,
    I saw it coming, David Letterman and a good joke, suspected he the would address it as "cooked" though. Wonder was was tasted to make say the other!#?
    P.S. Watched the barrelponics, that is a neat thing.

  16. Lola, Yup a neat video but no, never that far.

    Mom, I know, poor Terri. She is patient though and is sure Compost will outgrow her destructiveness. We hope so! Have fun with Emma and Josh on the beach this weekend!

    Rose, Earthworms might add to the protein?:) My compost is full of roly polies! Tons! Skeeter got a few in a plant I gave her since it had compost-wonder if there were bugs in there too? Maybe it was just chocolate cake mix made up to look like compost? It is so heartbreaking the number of kittens around. There are so many of them! I don't know how Compost wound up here but she was so tiny and new. And by herself. She was a lucky one. We really must do better as a nation to spay and neuter our critters. Especially the cats. If you work in an animal shelter it would be hard to resist the animals for sure but you have to be strong. You are doing enough already to help them and truthfully, no matter how much we want to save all the critters, we can't take them all home. It should be so easy.

  17. Dawn, I had never seen the clip before. I was truly amused by it. As a diehard compost fan of course:)

  18. I think that is the cutest Compost I have ever seen!!! Normally I love compost, but I wouldn't mind having that kind inside.
    Tina your blog is great, such wonderful photos of the Shenandoah natnl. Park, I didn't realize that the foliage was so colorful that far south, beautiful!!! Thanks again for checking out my blog, I'm just getting started so hopefully I'll have more great stuff to share!

  19. I am so happy to see little Compost looking so happy! You are a great animal lover to drive that baby all the way to Maine. And a brave soul as well to deal with a kitten during travels. Wow, they can be a hand full. For Teri’s sake, I hope she grows out of her Terror stage soon. :-)

    Our compost bin is doing great! I will be adding some leaves soon and then when it turns colder, I will add horse poo. Dont want to smell it during the warm times of year so no poo thus far for my compost... lol....

    Sorry you lost your bracket. I lost a bracelet two times and luckily, have found it both times. Got the latch fixed after the second loss. But I was not in the garden playing with my jewelry on like you. No jewels on while playing! lol

  20. I like to see your compost pile! Good stuff. :)

    Glad you stopped by Garden Vines.

    I'm going to go check out that link now. Thanks.

  21. I went to the site, but the clip about fish and aquaponics, although interesting, wasn't very funny. Then I found the one below. Hilarious!

    Compost is a sweetie. How is she faring with the chihuahuas??!

  22. Hi Tina, Thanks for stopping by my blog; I will look you up on Blotanical, I'm new there, just learning the ropes.
    Loved the photo and story of Compost, the kitty.

  23. glad compost has found a home. she is a cutie. your bin of compost is a precious comodity. enjoy your weekend.

  24. That compost looks pretty good to me Tina. It won't take long for those leaves to break down. Your little rescued kitty is a cutie! Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

  25. I'm so glad Compost has a home!

  26. I saw that video on the Indoor Gardener's post Mmmm...that compost looked ready for me... lol
    BTW, Compost, the cat, is very cute!

  27. Becky, Hello and welcome! You have a lovely blog, just starting out or not. Thanks for dropping by and your nice comment. Yup, even in the south we get color though not as colorful as in Vermont in my humble opinion.

    Skeeter, I remember when you contemplating starting a compost bin and here you are loving it! Horse manure will be great for it. Just don't eat it:) That bracelet I lost has been on my wrist for two straight years. Urgh! I never took it off and I am sorely missing it. Lesson learned. Take off the gold before gardening-until the next time. My own fault. I have NO doubt I will find it someday. Truly. It's in the garden....somewhere! Compost is lucky my sister took her. My sister is a sweetie to do it. We hope she grows up soon!

    Jendi, Thanks for dropping by! Do check out that short video clip. I liked it. My pleasure visiting your blog.

    JGH, Yes the compost clip was the one. How hilarious was that? Glad you liked it. We loved it here. Compost rules the house. She pretty much stays away from the little dats (chihuahuas) and hides. I think the dats are more scared of her and Compost is probably bigger than them. Too funny.

    Nola, Glad you liked the Compost story. She's a lucky kitty. Thanks for dropping by!

    Marmee, I just love the compost bin. Like Donna's they are overfull right now and more debris coming each day. Have a great weekend too.

    Racquel, Usually I have enough compost to do the veggie garden each year. I am out and still two beds to go in the veggie garden:( Not good. Such a slow process but one I like. Our Compost kitty is a sweet terror.

    Dot, Thanks! All the way from Tennessee to Maine too. What a home!

    Zach, That video was too cute. I just loved it. Compost too.

  28. I'm glad Compost found a home! Seems like the kitty is doing great.

  29. That's some really productive compost to be able to spontaneously generate a real live kitten! It's funny how life spontaneously forms around us: not a phoenix rising from the ashes, but a kitten from the compost. I suggest Phoenix as a name if you haven't named it already.

  30. Dave, She was a lucky kitten!

    Robert, Phoenix would be a great name! I love it. Very good compost to generate her for sure:)

  31. That cute kitty cat's eyes are just precious! So much mischief glowing in them!

  32. Awww, she is still the cutest little kitten! It almost makes me want to adopt a little sibling for Luka... except Luka's already too much for me to handle. She's a bad little daughter, most of the time, but too bad I love her so much. I always thought it would be cool to have a black and white cat at the same time. But I don't think Luka would like that.

    Anyway, congrats on how well Compost is doing!

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  34. That cat is real cute! Will go and check out the link now. Thanks, Tina.

  35. aw, sweet Kitty.

    Leave it to Letterman to come up with something like that. Eeeewwww!

  36. Brenda, Tons of mischief!

    Malik, I will check out your blog!

    Kanak, Be prepared for the unexpected on the video.

    Linda, It was something for sure but we got a big laugh out of it!

  37. Are you kidding? Everyone wants to see photos of compost bins and kittens!
    ~ Monica

  38. Tina ~ That's a compost readiness test I'm not ready to embrace... think I'll stick with my innate senses of sight and touch, tempered by a natural "sense of humus."

    Great outcome for Compost the cat! I went back to your July posting for all the details, as well as his kitten picture. What a cutie! /Deb

  39. Hi Deb,
    Yes, I think I was maybe wrong for providing the link to the compost taste test as even my daughter was pretty grossed out by it. I am sorry everyone. This guy who ate it is apparently a well known comic. Silly guy! No one should do this themselves for sure.

    Thank you for best wishes for compost. She is one lucky kitty.