Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mottled Leaves

I have been really noticing the amazing subtleties in all the fall leaves this year. Maybe it is because of blogging and because of all the great fall posts I have seen at Dave's blog, who knows? But this year I have found some really interesting foliage with mottled leaves.

'Forest Pansy' redbud.
'Little Princess' dogwood.
'Sango Kaku' Japanese maple.
Oakleaf hydrangea.
'Mt. Airy' viburnum.
Unnamed Japanese Maple.
'Immaculee' peony foliage.
Unnamed Japanese maple.

'Grace' Smoketree.

There are tons more to show and some in your garden too.

in the garden....

I want to say Congratulations to Skeeter. Skeeter entered one of her photographs from the Georgia Fall Colors post into a contest sponsored by the local television station and found at:

Skeeter's picture was chosen as the winner over more than twenty other photographs and she has won passes to state parks, as well as having her photograph (one of the river) shown on television. Congrats Skeeter! Good job!


  1. My goodness there are a lot of us up late tonight! First, way to go Skeeter!! So many bloggers are such great photographers and shouldbe recognized as such.

    Your molted ;eaves are very interesting. I checked my last post(snow on leaves) and saw some molting too. Adds another demensionto them.

  2. That's so interesting! I think blogging makes you more aware of everything around you, like you said--the subtleties, which we would otherwise, may overlook.
    At least, it's done that to me!

    Loved the photos! And congratulations to Skeeter! A recognition well deserved! As I type this her amazing photos, especially from Georgia float through my mind. Congrats once again!!

  3. Congratulations Skeeter!!! Now that's a prize you can get lots of use out of. Enjoy it!!!

    Tina ~ Love the mottled leaves. Last week, before it snowed, I was out taking leaf pictures as well.

  4. I've noticed that too this year Tina, more so than in other years, especially in the serviceberry, maples, and now, in the Bradford pear. It's really been a great fall for foliage color - better than I've seen in a while here. Even the silver maples had nice fall color, and they're usually pretty boring.

    Congratulations Skeeter! How exciting!

  5. Good Morning All,
    Not too many different trees around here to see the mottling on but yours look fantastic. I do miss the different type of trees with their different colors.

    Congratulations, Skeeter. You deserve that prize. Now you & The Saint can go into any park & enjoy.

    I hope all have a very lovely day. Hope you're feeling much better, Tina.

  6. Leaves are all so interesting if you just take the time to stop and look at them--lecture for myself! :) Thanks for this post Tina!
    And Skeeter---Way to go!!!! Your pictures are unbelievable. You are very deserving of his honor!

  7. Woohoo Skeeter! whistle stomp twirl, I am so proud of you! And yes, a contest with a real prize!

    Tina, I do think that blogging has helped us notice more things, little things on macro especially, in the garden. It has made us slow down and stop and study individual plants rather than just looking at the whole picture. At least for me, anyway. We did get that killer freeze last night, quite cold this morning, in the twenties right now. Brrr.

  8. Tina, you were up late and I hope sleeping in now. Blogging is not a bad use of insomnia unless the post is what's keeping you up too late. Interesting to see all the different leaves identified. It can get confusing with so many in the fall. Nice shots.

    Skeeter, congratulations! Now those sound like good prizes.

  9. Good morning all! Skeeter does not know I posted about her photo so she will be surprised when she logs on this morning. Shhhh-let's see how surprised with all you guys' nice comments to her!

    Beckie, Yes, late night. I don't like them but sometimes. I was keeping good company with you I see.

    Kanak, This year's fall color is SO amazing! I just had to compile a few. Glad you like them.

    Jillybean, Another late nighter...

    Cindy, Now I know you just won a prize too and I am so excited for you. Congrats on your Blotanical prize and enjoy the book! Good job!

    Linda, Yes, even the silver maples. They are yellow here. Who would've ever thought it? What is up? I sure like it.

    Lola, Nope, not much better at all, and we have a big weekend. Urgh! Two more days so hopefully...

    Linda (MT), Yes, do look up close at the leaves. I never really totally noticed how many neat colorations. I really think it it the blogging. So many are pointing out all the wonder you can't help but pay attention.

    France, The plants are so neat. I love them all. Yes, brrrrr! I came home from school at 10 pm, and it was already 24! That is pretty cold. My dog's dishes froze and who knows what else. I haven't even been to the garden yet. I hope the soil is not frozen as I have some digging today. Still planting bulbs and making new gardens. Geez. And not wanting plants is sacrilegious for sure:) Just kidding, there is a time to stop so more planting.

    Sarah, A late nighter for sure. The school thing throws me off. I get home so late I might as well stay up. I never knew there were so many late night shows on until I started blogging. Ha! I was a bit sheltered I reckon.

  10. Congrats to Skeeter! Beautiful pictures, beautiful subjects!
    Tina, I think part of the mottle is insect evidence, but nice just the same. Lots of insects means a good season least in my book.

  11. Tina,

    Hi there! Fantastic news about Skeeter! I will hurry over there to see her photo!

    Goodness the color in the leaves has been non stop this fall...I never noticed before this year how lovely almost all the perennials look ....the peony surprised me with its color changes; the leaves of monarda is a lovely pink much beauty. Blogging has given me sharper eyes and a clearer voice ...and friendships!

    Love 'Grace' beautiful fall color!

    Glad you are up and about!


  12. Congrats Skeeter! Which picture was it? I hope you'll share it with us. Or have you already? ;)

    I've noticed a lot of mottled foliage as well. I'm not sure exactly why, maybe the summer dryness created some dead spots on the leaves. I'm definitely going to have to get a 'Grace' Smoke tree. I think I know someone who will like it!

  13. I'm with Beckie....does anybody ever sleep??

    Congratulations to Skeeter! I checked out the link, but I didn't see the winning photographs posted yet. Will you let us know when it's there, Tina? Or maybe I didn't check far enough.

    A lovely collection of leaves, Tina. I've noticed, too, the many mottled leaves this year. I wonder if this is typical or something unusual this year to cause this.

  14. Tina --Gardening, blogging and "visiting" each just brings out the best in everyone! :-) Pretty, pretty leaves.

    Skeeter -- congrats on your fantastic photography! You rock!


  15. Thanks for sharing that great news! Congratulations Skeeter --I love your photographs --wish mine would turn out half as good:)Another cold one here this morning --but probably will warm up a bit later. Hope your feeling better Tina.
    Hi Lola --have a great day:)
    Hi Jean --stay warm and have a super day. Ciao!

  16. Firstly, congrats to Skeeter are in order. I too am seeing the mottled leaves everywhere. I thought it was just something around here. I look a bit "mottled" myself, having just gotten over the poison ivy debacle. Looks like some of my blood vessels have broken underneath my skin too. Ghastly stuff. I hope to never get this again.

  17. Congrats to Skeeter for a prize and honor well-deserved! As for the mottling, I used to think those spots on the leaves were imperfections, but now that my superannuated skin (thanks, TC!) reveals more and more "mottling" every day, I think of them as beauty marks. Oh, I almost forgot to answer the two-stepping question. I've tried it in the past, but somehow my efforts looked more like a poor attempt at a polka. Must have something to do with my German heritage. Stay warm!

  18. I sure do agree with Kanak, Frances and Gail...blogging has made us much more away of so many things and that has been a great thing.

    Well those cold temps are colder than me here in Maine so mark that on the calendar. We have had such a great fall here but it did get a lot colder this week.

    Hi there Anonymous!! My heat is burning up my money.

    Skeeter, you make us all very proud!! Good going!! We all enjoy your great photos and many more can now enjoy them. You go girl!!!

  19. Your photos are awesome. It is amazing how after you begin blogging, you learn to look closer at everything, because everything is a potential blogging photo!

  20. Congrats to Skeeter! I've seen a bunch of mottled leaves lately and have a question: How does a leaf decide WHERE to mottle??!

  21. What a wonderful collection of falls colors! I also especially enjoyed the Yorktown post.

  22. Wow what lovely mottled colors your garden is showing off right now. I've noticed some of the same variations in my garden this year too, but I think blogging makes me more observant now. ;) Congrats to Skeeter on the photo contest! That was a beautiful shot she took!

  23. Dawn, I hope it is not insects as I had my share of them this summer. No more please:)

    Gail, It is great to notice the color so much more-and to share it too. Love that aspect for sure.

    Dave, That Grace is a stunner! My daughter purchased it 60% off at a nursery this weekend. The picture is but my cutting. I hope it takes but don't have much hope. It is the most stunning smoke tree I have seen and for sure a keeper for your Grace.

    Rose, Not sure the mottling but I am enjoying it all. Such neat color combos.

    Cameron, Definitely visiting with each other, no question about it and look at all we talk about. Now we just need a cup of tea or cappaccino (my favorite).

    Anonymous, Your pictures are great! And don't forget, it is almost daffy time so I know you'll be busy with them and the camera. Then what follows? Lilacs of course. I hope your curly guy in the yard is doing fine.

    Brenda, You have a saint and hardworking guy there! I know the mess is not fun but it will pass. Chainsaw massacre indeed. What fun!

    Walk2Write, Between you and TC we will all learn new words and be able to razzle dazzle anyone anytime. I always try to do this to Jimmy just because he is a teenager. Is this a good thing? It makes him be quiet for a sec:) Two stepping, hmmmmm, I bet that is why Skeeter is so late this morning-still recovering from last night.

    Mom, I know it must be so cold there. Sure you don't want to move south? Ha! I already know the answer to that. Blogging has been fun for sure-a bit time consuming when my butt should be in the garden.

    Nola, The first rule of blogging is always have your camera because your are right-all photos a potential post and blog photo. Gotta love it.

    JGH, Hmmmm, do you think they are looking at each other and giving tips on where they should mottle today?:)

    Troutbirder, Thank you! You have been mighty busy lately traveling everywhere. What fun! Yorktown next for you?

    Gotta get in the garden. ttyl

  24. Racquel, I always know to expect someone to jump in here so you'd think I'd learn to make it faster! Great mottling this year for sure. And blogging is for many a slow down and pay attention tactic-sounds like for you too:)

  25. Oh my goodness I am humbled this afternoon! Thank you all so much for the surprise praise today! I had no idea that Tina was sharing this news with everyone. (Tina, you stinker you) I just think I was at the right place at the right time for the photo. The Savannah River was running, the sun was shining and the leaves did the work. I just pushed a button! There were many wonderful pictures snapped and submitted but I think I had the upper hand by snapping my button while in a park. Plus I do not alter my photos, I go all natural and parks were a sponsor for the contest. But I will gladly accept a reward of park passes as that is a wonderful prize for a nature lover like myself...

    Yes, I do think we all take a closer look around us due to blogging and this is a wonderful thing! Lots of mottling around me and on me as well… lol

    Concert was great last night. They rocked the house!

  26. Enjoy the leaves while they're still hangin on Ms. Tina! Ya know, lookin in the mirror this mornin, I noticed a little mottlin on my face. Wouldn't happen to know where I can find a good anti-aging cream would ya?? ;~)

  27. I love all of the pics that are on your blog, so much fun! Any who. This looks great! Congrats!

  28. Skeeter, Winning a contest is a great honor and of course I should share it. Yup, I'm a stinker sometimes:)

    TC, Hmmmmm, let me think, let's see, okay, I've got it. I won't go there! Or shall I? I use Oil of Olay, it works pretty well. Yes, I went there:)

    Zach, Thanks! Glad you like the pics.

  29. Congrats Skeeter! How exciting! I hope you enjoy visiting the state parks.

    Great photos Tina. I am also very interested in how the leaves change this time of year; some are much prettier than others.

  30. Is this Jan or DP?:) You know I always get you too confused. Jan said it was perfectly okay, and I would surely like to be confused for you too DP. Hope you are doing fine!

  31. Great foliage photos, especailly enjoyed the Japanese maples.

    Congratulations to Skeeter! ~ Deb

  32. Thanks Deb. I am so very partial to the J. Maples I had to photograph them. I can't believe the wide variety and am working on a post for them sometime. Not an expert but have collected a few, some even named:) Hard to do on a budget.

    You all have a great night. Still sick here and my warm waterbed is calling me to rest. Hard day in the garden....

  33. Again thanks to everyone for your congrats to me. You are such wonderful blogging friends! :-)

  34. The variety of the leaves is amazing, both from one species to another, and even from leaf to leaf of the same species of plant. The smoketree leaves are my favorites.

    Judging from the bits of green I see around it looks like things are still a little reluctant to admit that fall is here. Enjoy your beautiful changes!

  35. Lost Landscape, Thanks and welcome! I love the smoketrees as well. They are so variable. Looks like you have lots still in southern California too. Thanks for dropping by.