Saturday, November 8, 2008

Williamsburg, VA

As you know from the Skyline Drive posting last week, that the Saint and I were recently in Virginia. We chose Virginia as our vacation destination for one reason...
That reason being, to help the Saint's parents celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! Again, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad B....
The day we were to take off for our Family Vacation to Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown, started off a bit foggy in Locust Grove. Click the video to see the fog coming off the water of the lake in the backyard.
The fog lifted and we had a beautiful drive along country back roads for most of our journey. After checking into our hotel, our first stop was to check out the campus of William & Mary. We were greeted by this beautiful garden.

We went inside the Wren Building which is the oldest college building in the United States. It was erected in 1695-1699. They still use one room as a classroom today.

On the wall inside the hallway, we found this tablet. Dad B has been working on the Family History for some time now and spotted what he believes to be a relative on the tablet. Booth Armistead being the name. How interesting that was to us all...

We found this beautiful little garden on the campus. Look closely on top of the gazebo and you can see a student taking advantage of the many nut trees on the campus. Okay not a student but a cute squirrel. Cute, because he was not in my yard wreaking havoc.

Okay, lets parade our way into Colonial Williamsburg today. We shall see Jamestown and Yorktown, another day.
Here is the Town Courthouse were lots of rules and regulations were made over the years. Look at this beautiful tree showing us its Fall colors along the main street.
Just why is that ladder on the roof of this Colonial house?
People admire the houses in Williamsburg but I am always busy looking beyond the walls for things most people don't notice. I bet a lot of gardeners do this as well.
I peek behind and beside the structures to see what landscaping I can spot.
These courtyards may be Colonial but they sure do remind me of sights I have seen in Charleston and Savannah.
Clay brick walkways and white picket fences are everywhere and so inviting.
I am glad I don't have to clip that hedge!
This courtyard had brick along with crushed oyster shell pathways. The ivy was so lush and green. It looked like a nice spot to escape all the tourist out front.
Mom B and I were amazed at this garden we spotted behind a house.
The raised beds were all cleaned out and ready for the next planting but look at the flowers surrounding the outside of the garden.

This plot was large and the flowers went around the entire thing. They were so pretty and full of blooms! We had to drag ourselves away from that beautiful view. Look how nicely the herbs continue to grow.
Look at that huge oak tree on the lawn by where we indulged in some hot cider. Yes, that is a family beside the tree having a picnic. Compare them to the size of the tree!

We found a garden that we were welcomed inside. I don't recall ever seeing Pomegranates growing on a tree before. So this was a treat. And what is the other red stemmed plant? Rhubarb maybe?
Look at this beautiful tree showing off its bright red colors for everyone to enjoy!
Look at the same tree when the sun started to set.
The red berry's on this tree remind me that Christmas is just around the corner in WILLIAMSBURG and In the Garden...


  1. Ohh, Happy Anniversary to Saint's parents!

    And what a great lesson in history!

  2. I am glad you had a good time in Virginia, we welcome visitors. Colonial Williamsburg needs more visitors as they just announced they were laying off 140 people.
    I wrote two posts about Williamsburg last week and there is an example of great gardeners thinking alike in that you and I were both impressed with some of the same gardens and trees. My visit was less important than yours. Congratulations to your in-laws. BTW your red stemmed plant is not the edible Rhubarb, but the deadly Castor Bean.

  3. Hi Skeeter, Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite places to visit. The gardens and the buildings are just gorgeous! Glad you had a good time, and happy anniversary to your inlaws!

  4. Looks like you had a great time. The photos are lovely, and you are right about gardeners looking at more than just the major scenery. The gardens looked so tidy. My sister lives in northern Virginia, and it is a lovely state esp. at this time of year.

    Always Growing

  5. Good morning Garden Bloggers!

    Jillybean, Thanks, it is such a great milestone to mark with being together for 50 years! The Saint and I are both lucky as my parents will be celebrating this milestone next March as well. Williamsburg is a cool place to visit and filled with so much history and beauty.

    Les, Thanks from my in-laws. Why was a deadly Castor Bean plant growing in the garden? The person on duty was busy chatting with other people to ask about the plant. I find it difficult to think that they had to lay off people as there was a nice little crowd for the low season. Or so we thought. When were you there? It would be ironic to find out we were there at the same time! We were there on Oct. 20-23. I will check out your postings on Williamsburg. :) Great minds think a like...

    Garden girl, Thanks for the congrats. Williamsburg is a nice place for a gardener to visit with all the wonderful small and large gardens plus the history as well. This was my second visit with the first being over Christmas time. That is a special time in the Colonial town. Williamsburg is what gave me the idea to decorate with so much fruit at Christmas. Their fruit is real and mine is not so real though. :) When were you last in Williamsburg?

  6. I have never been to Colonial Williamsburg...How can that is lovely.... thank you for the tour

    That is one magnificent oak tree and at first I thought the pomegranate was a very large rose hip!


  7. Jan, you slipped in while I was posting. lol. Yes, Northern Virginia is a beautiful place to live. The Saint called Fairfax home for many years. Now his parents have retired and moved to Locust Grove just a few miles west of Fredericksburg. It is a nice area also filled with rolling hills and beautiful scenery and tons of history as well.

    We garden lovers cannot resist peeking at other garden can we? tee hee....

  8. Gail, now you snuck in while I was talking to Jan. How funny is that? Now I cannot believe you have not been to Williamsburg! You seem to enjoy history lessons and all so you need to take a road trip girl. This is one very interesting place. You will see Yorktown and Jamestown also through my eyes so stay tuned. :)There were lots of huge trees. Old place ya know...

  9. Good Morning All,
    Skeeter, I really enjoyed this post. I love that area as it always seems to be so neat, clean & tidy. I agree there is a lot of history there. It would be a shame to loose it or even a part of it.
    I was going to say Castor bean on the red stemmed plant. I think they are planted to help control moles. Not sure on that.
    Have a great day everyone.

  10. Wow, your mom and Dad look very young. How young are your parents any way. I love all those beautiful colonial houses.

  11. Les, I do believe you were there a bit later then I. There is more color in your posting them mine. I took tons of pictures most of which did not make it to posting so I saw lots of similar views in your pictures! The iron fence in your one pic, Well, the Saint got his ring caught on it while allowing his hand to slide across the fence while strolling along. I could not believe he did that and it seem to really hurt him as he whined a bit. Silly goose, should not have been touching the fence. Look and dont touch when in Historic places Saint.... tee hee...

    I snapped a couple of pictures of the trees with the funny bean looking things on them and wondered what they were. Now you identified them as Catalpas of some type! How great is that, I will have to link you when I chat about them... :)

  12. Lola, Thanks... It would be such a shame to loose a wonderful place such as this. It is so full of great information on how our country began. I need to plant Castor Bean then as I have a serious Mole problem right now! lol

    Organic, Mom and Dad B (the Saints parents) do look really young for their ages. I am not sure of the exact ages but Dad B is in his early 70's and Mom B is pushing 70. They eat correctly, exercise and are very active within their community. I guess that is their secret to life…

  13. Happy 50th to your in-laws! They look very happy! Wow, what a feat!! Your trip to VA looks like fun. I was surprised to see the college as a blogging friend of ours has mentioned that college before. She will be surprised to see it too I bet. The video of the trumpet players was great. Which reminds me, the Jimster INSISTS we go to the Vet Day Parade today. We usually aren't here for it but he caught us in town this year. I love that cottagy garden with the flowers spilling on the brick sidewalk. My kind of garden! Nice and free flowing. Way cool Skeeter.

    Good morning all!

  14. Thank you to the morning tour while I drank my cup of coffee. Could the ladder be one Santa left behind last year? Who doesn't love the cozy look of a white picket fence? Every girl's childhood dream. So happy for the ones celebrating the anniversary. And that you got to be there as well.

  15. Happy anniversary to the Saints family!
    Pretty place with pretty plants and flowers, the fog rolling in is a way cool video.
    PS. I could use the big bunches of red berries!

  16. Many congrats to the happy couple and they sure do look young. The good lifestyle and good loving helps. Great milestone.

  17. Now that's a scenic trip. Beautiful architecture and I especially like the gazebo with the wisteria going around it. I bet that gazebo would look even nicer in the spring when the vine is in bloom.

  18. Tina, the in- laws are happy with their celebrated years together! We did have a lot of fun that week. The gardens are so nice and interesting to look at. I was tempted to go beyond the fences because I wanted to see more but the Saint would not let me. lol... You and Jimster should enjoy the parade. I was there once during the parade and was able to see my nephew play the Sax in his High School marching band in the parade! Was awesome....

    Brenda, Glad I kept you occupied while having a sip of coffee this morning. A bit cooler here this AM so I had a cup also! I do enjoy white picket fences; they just seem to give such a homey feeling to a house. Thanks, we are so happy for our parents also. The Happy couple were thrilled we were sharing in on this special time. I was kind of thinking about Santa myself with the ladder. But decided the Reindeer could have landed on the roof as it was wood and would make for a good surface. :)

    Dawn, Thanks for the Happy to Mom and Dad B... I was thinking of crafting with those berries also! How bright they were and so many they were making the branches fall over! Where were the birds? The fog was a bit unnerving to start off our day but in time it rolled on out to the lake and up up and away to blue skies for the entire visit....

    Jean, Thanks...Not so sure which works best for them, The good Lifestyle or the good Lovings! tee hee... They are a happy couple and do keep busy. Great Milestone indeed.

  19. Dan, I spotted several Wisteria vines in the area and do want to go back there sometime during spring. I have been there for the Fall and Christmas so now time for Spring! I did not show you much of the architecture but it is phenomenal. I could see influences from several different countries that I have visited. Really a charming place to see…

  20. Happy anniversary, Colonial Williamsburg is a wonderful place to vacation. glad you had a good time;

  21. Happy Anniversary to your inlaws! You were only about 15 minutes up the road from where I live. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Williamsburg. It is such a lovely place filled with history.

  22. Congratulations to your in-laws on this milestone! Glad you and the Saint were able to share this time with them.
    Williamsburg is another one of those sites on my "places to visit" list; thanks for sharing all these photos with us. Like you, I tend to look at the gardens more than the buildings. It's nice to see all these lovely blooms when everything has wilted here.
    I see Les has identified your mystery plant; I knew it wasn't rhubarb, but good to know how inedible it is!

  23. Skeeter, you were practically in my backyard! Wouldn't you know I was in Arizona when you were in Williamsburg--but if you make another trip, drop by my blog and let me know! (or let Tina know . . .) It's so nice to see the College through someone else's eyes--I'm afraid I take it for granted sometimes. And Les and I could show lots of gardens in CW--you can actually walk whole blocks through "back yards." Happy 50th to your in-laws!

  24. Hi Skeeter, what a beautiful place, it is one of my very favorites. I was there at Christmas time and each building had beautiful wreaths and decorations made with all natural materials, like they would have in colonial times. I love the picket fences, brick paths and the Folkart Museum. Fifty loving years together, a wonderful milestone for any couple, many many more ahead for them!


  25. Hi Skeeter, I'm sorry I forgot to congratulate The Saints parents on their wonderful day. I'm glad that you & he were able to be there to celebrate with them. That Special Day will linger in their hearts & minds forever more. They sure look happy & in love.

  26. Judy, Thanks and it is a great place to visit. My second visit and still more to see with hopefully a third visit and during spring since I have yet to visit that time of year....

    PG, Thanks, I had no idea we were in your neck of the woods as well as Cosmo! It is a beautiful place to stroll and take in the beauty. I enjoyed every bit I could while there both beauty and history. We did a lot in 3 days but so much more to see and do in the future.

    Rose, Thanks for the milestone wishes! A must for the "list". A wonderful walk in History with beauty at every turn. I knew I was not the only one that peeked over fences and into others gardens. tee hee. It is nice to look back at the pretty flowers since mine are starting to fizzle out now with cooler night temps. Les did ID the pretty poisonous one for me. How funny I thought it was something you eat... lol

    Cosmo, I knew you, Les and Perennial were all in VA but really did not know where! How ironic I was there when you were not. lol. I will be sure to look you up the next time we get to that area and thanks for the invite. :) There is still so much we would like to see and do so another visit will surly be on our list. Our group did not care for Seafood and the Saint and I were a bit disappointed we did not have seafood but this trip was not about us but rather the Happy couple instead! It is fun to see things you see daily and kind of forget about through others eyes. I kind of wonder what people think of Augusta when they visit. Probably Golf golf golf and more golf. lol…

    Frances, Our first visit to Williamsburg was at Christmas time with all the fresh fruit wreaths, swags and other fun decorations. They inspired me to incorporate fruit into my decorations. My fruit is not so real though. lol. The picket fences and walkways make me want to live there but the tourist make me think differently though. 50 years is a great accomplishment and we are so proud of them so thanks...

    Sarah, Williamsburg is a very pretty place. Such beauty with every turn of the eye...

    Lola, Thanks a lot. They are a happy couple and still so in love after all these years! They are such an inspiration...

    Been a full day of driving all over town looking for color today. We found some pretty colors and I will share them with you all by next week. Now it is time for the sofa and a movie....

    Tina, how was the parade?

  27. What a lovely trip and congrates to the happy couple. That other red thing is definitely a castor bean. Don't eat it.

  28. Thanks for posting about Williamsburg. I've never been there. Enjoyed the tour and photos.


  29. Happy Anniversary to your In laws! Williamsburg is such a great place to visit. I can't wait until the girls are old enough to understand the historical significance behind places like it. I would probably be doing the same as you...looking for and at the gardens!

  30. That's true about gardens ... and other passions: you get good ideas from others. It's not copying: it's just comparing notes!

  31. Skeeter, The parade was really quite outstanding for our small little town. I took tons of pictures. Geri's daughter was in the honor band so I got hers, plus a bunch of patriotic ones. I haven't even looked at them. I liked it because it was not overly crowded and had a good feel. People were really nice. Thanks for asking and how was the lake? Everyone have a great day? It is cold here!!!

  32. I thought your red stem plant looked like a castor bean too, it's good you got your answer. Like Gail, I love that huge oak tree, something about an oak tree, not sure what. I've been to Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown many times but it never gets old. I love those red brick paths and picket fences too. So charming. I think it's the perfect place for a vacation. How sad they are laying off. Thanks for the refresher and wonderful for your in-laws to be married 50 years. (especially in todays world). They are a very nice looking couple.

  33. Hi Skeeter, as others have pointed out the mystery plant is castor bean. I absolutely adore them--it
    s amazing an annual get so huge in one season. And, yes, I think gardeners are always peeking over walls and whatnot to get a better glimpse of what might be growing. :)
    ~ Monica

  34. Aunt Debi, Thanks and nope, I will not be eating the castor bean. Hey, is this where Castor Oil comes from???

    Dave, thanks, it will be a great place for the girls to absorb history. Hands on and great learning tool. I knew I was not alone in peeking over fences... :)

    Robert, you are so right. I enjoy looking at other gardens to get ideas to incorporate into my garden. Most gardeners I know welcome one into their garden and seem to enjoy you taking an idea from them. Kind of like an honor...

    Tina, I knew you would enjoy the parade. I did when I saw it many years ago and I am sure it has grown since then too. It is windy and chilly but not too cold yet. Night temps getting cold though but the warm sun kept us happy at the lake. Saws tons of color at the lake and all leaves starting to fade and fall now so I need to get that Color Posting up by next weekend...

    Kathleen, thank you for your kind words today! They are truly a happy couple and after 50 years, that is great! This area is a wonderful place to visit. You see and learn so much everywhere you turn. We did not take a formal tour with a guide but rather made our own tour but still learned so much. The interpreters are great with answers to questions as well...

    Monica, Even though I know the Castor Bean is poisonous, I still think it is a beautiful plant with the red and green colors! I will not touch though, lol. I am happy to hear I am not alone with peeking over fences and walls into other gardens. They are like magnets to me…

  35. Skeeter, Not sure if castor oil comes from castor beans but I seriously doubt it. But, the deadly poison ricin comes from caster beans. I have them growing in my garden and simply love them for their beauty, color, hardiness and textures.

  36. What a lovely place. I always enjoy seeing the older, historical buildings. Where I live you just don't see anything like that - the area was settled so recently. Most of the "old" buildings are made of logs!

  37. Tina, I do think it is pretty enough to have in a garden and it is a big plant too! You like your big plants... Hello banana

    Amy, Hello today. I like the houses in the York England area. Cottages and all and so quaint. I saw a lot of influences in Williamsburg from there but goes to be since English were the settlers…

  38. We've been there too. Wasnt' it just lovely!?

  39. TC, it is really a wonderful place to visit! Just down right quaint! Hey, my hubby the Saint plays the guitar also! He only picks a little here and there these days. You should make a little video clip for us to enjoy. :)