Friday, November 21, 2008

Window Washing

It is that time of the year, yup, you know what time. Fall cleaning time! How would you like to wash these windows? Not me, I'm afraid of heights. This fellow looked like he was having a great time sliding along the outside of this hospital on a bright sunny day.

His contraption really caught my eye. The cable is suspended way up high on the top of the hospital on some kind of a pulley. This window washer was able to slide along the whole length of the hospital all by himself. Does that mean we are getting better at not only reducing labor in industries due to robotization, but also in the ordinary day to day chores where once two or three folks would perform this job there is now only one?
Not sure, but certainly something to ponder.

in the garden....washing windows too.


  1. Good morning Tina, you have really branched out today, good for you! Washing windows used to be a ritual twice a year when we lived in PA with oil heat that truly dirtied the inside of the house. We had to wash down the walls too, you could see the black on the rags used. Not such a pressing task in this house, thank goodness, with natural gas and electric heat. I blame blogging for the lack of housekeeping done anymore! :-)

  2. Yuk, my least-favorite household chore!

    I'd rather clean toilets than wash windows.

    Sure does look nice when its done though. Thankfully the Lawn Man is also chief window washer here!

  3. I seem to have gotten about half of mine washed this fall. And now I have to wait for a nice warm day to finish the rest. It may be a while.

  4. Tina,

    Hi! I would love to hire a window washing company...then they can take the storm windows off, scrub them and the windows sparkling clean and make my views to the garden perfectly clear! I agree totally with Frances...blogging has taken my cleaning time! gail

  5. Tina, that would be my worst nightmare job. I don't like washing windows or heights. Wow! Wonder how long it takes him to do all of those?

  6. Thank goodness I can reach most of my windows. If I had to do a big building because of being run by machines, I would do it!

  7. We washed our windows about 3 weeks ago. Hubby on the outside, me on the inside. It wasn't too bad. We cleaned them good so we could not only see out, but could now open up the house. I was glad to check that one off my list though! :)

  8. You're supposed to wash windows?


  9. That's the one job I absolutely hate; love the result, just hate the chore! If I had any disposable income, I would surely hire someone to wash my windows!

  10. Good morning all! Sorry I had to add the word verification. These spammers are very annoying. I have reported it all to both Blogger and the Internet carrier (thanks to Sitemeter I can see this). Anyhow. I should've put up a survey-Who washes windows? Ha!

    Frances, Blogging is my excuse for little or no housekeeping too. A good enough excuse for me:)

    Linda, Toliets over windows? You REALLY hate to wash windows. lol

    Cindy, Good job! Be optimistic, you might get a few days of good weather up there. I've got my fingers crossed.

    Gail, I can see those sparkly windows now-of course the garden is the view:) Blogging takes up that housecleaning time for sure!

    Beckie, I am betting it takes this guy a while but he was so efficient, and the garden was a nice view (my real interest-shhh-don't tell the window washer:)

    Dawn, I actually like to wash windows here. Mine are not all reachable though:( Glad yours are!

    Linda (MT) Good for you and hubby! Good job! I can see you too now and I see a really cool way to spend quality time with hubby-housecleaning:)

    Susan, Occasionally! Ha!

    Nola, Now there's a thought, a good recession proof job? Hmmmmm, I might need to look into window washing myself-just not up high.

    Everyone have a great day and terrific weekend!! Washing windows, gardening, blogging or whatever you decide to do-just have fun!

  11. Darn, Tina, you've reminded me that I was going to wash windows as soon as the field work was done (too much dust in the air then). Somehow now that it's about 20 degrees outside, those windows don't seem so dirty anymore.

    Thanks for adding my link to the sidebar! I really do plan to participate better in 2009.

  12. Those window washers used to startle me when I was working in my 5th floor office at SAS. They'd bounce down from the roof and bump into my office windows!

    As for home, my DH likes to wash windows (although the dormer windows above our porch haven't been washed on the outside since we built 3 years ago!).


  13. Goodness, I'd rather do most anything than climb up that high! And to trust that cable from coming down. Not me! Not even with a firing squad aimed at me! I'm waiting on windows to wash, frankly. I abhor dirty windows, but the ones I had were impossible to get to. The storm doors were too heavy for me to lift. And no amount of cleaning on the inside did any good. I shall probably have nightmares now about dangling off the side of a tall building by a cable... That's how suggestive I am!

  14. Not one of my favorite chores Tina! With my new windows the task has become easier since I don't have to get on a ladder to clean the outside anymore. I wouldn't want that man's job though, not that fond of heights, lol.

  15. I hate to wash windows, but then again, I don't like to do much of anything anymore when it comes to cleaning. When I was young I used to climb to the top of the overhead part of the bridge over Lewy Lake in Princeton to dive off it. Now I don't even like to walk across the road part of a bridge. Old ge, sigh!!

  16. I really don't mind washing the windows and just started making homemade window cleaner - not a hard recipe at all. But we finally had to hire someone to do the outdoor ones outside. What a difference that made in our outlook on the world!

  17. Rose, I agree, the colder it gets the cleaner the windows look:0

    Cameron, I too have that dormer problem, what shall we do? Get big ladders for the husbands?:)

    Brenda, Please no nightmares on cleaning windows. Leave em dirty:) and forget about them.

    Racquel, No amount of money could get me to do this. I mean I'd probably try it, then freeze. Then what do I do? Not clean windows for sure.

    Hi Mom, I'm with you, I don't like cleaning either. Have I ever been over the bridge you are talking about? I just can't picture it.

    JGH, Clean windows sure do change one's outlook:) Especially to the garden.

  18. I washed the sun room windows two days ago! I am yet to get the other 4 rooms of the house though. I dont mind washing them now with the new tilt-in windows but the one over the office desk is a pain in the butt to get to... Little kitty nose prints are the issue with my windows… meowwww

    You could not pay me enough to wash the windows by a repelling rope! Argggg, at least the building is a hospital in case he should fall :-)

    Windy today and lots to do and cleaning is one of them. Blogging sure does get in the way of my clean house…. Argggg, I need discipline…

    Spamers are such jerks!

  19. I have a thing about heights too. Makes me uncomfortable just looking at him.

  20. Good Afternoon All,
    I'm with Jean, dirty windows or whatever don't seem to bother me much nowadays. Something in front of all the windows anyway. Just so I can look out at my gardens is all I really care about. And they are the tilt in kind. Real easy to get to the outside. But of course the screens still have to be taken off & cleaned. Wish I could start that pressure washer I
    Hope all have a lovely warm evening-maybe with a cup of hot chocolate. Hmmmmm.

  21. i couldn't do it either i am height challenged too.

  22. Lola, I have been at the hot chocolate for a few days now... lol...

    Hey,I washed two more windows inside and out today. Yeah, four more to go and I am finished. Maybe I will get this job finished by Thanksgiving, if not, I will shoot for Christmas... :-)

    Everyone have a good weekend!

  23. OH i don't like doing windows...or most other time consuming cleaning duties. time consuming blogging is much better, thank you.

    tina, in your profile i just noticed you are from maine, originally. and, spent time in europe in the army.

    my husband is a Mainer, and all of his family live there. My family moved there while i was in HS. I went to cape elizabeth h.s. and then to UMO, where i met my husband. where are you from?

    my husband went through ROTC at UMO and spent 20 yrs in the army...we were married the whole time, so i also spent 20 yrs in the army:) We were in Heidelberg for 5 years, where our daughter was born (in 1988).

    Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.


  24. Jan, Hey this is Skeeter speaking for our absent Tina today. She will be back soon but I will be sure to pass along your comments to her so she can answer your questions....

    The Saint and I were in Heidelberg for 6 years and loved every minute of it! The only reason we returned to USA is due to missing family so much. But we had a great group of friends we called our family while in Germany. My hubby has worked for many different contracts with different companies that have us following the Army. He is currently supporting a computer system and building classrooms at Ft. Gordon here in GA….

  25. Hi All,
    Just a quick second on here. Skeeter brought Jan's questions to my attention so I thought I'd answer them quickly while I have about two seconds. Good thing I am a fast typist.

    Jan, I am originally from the Brunswick area in Maine. It has been many years since I lived there. I was in the Army for 20 years and also have a child born in Heidelberg (1994). It IS a small world. I was an air traffic controller. It is possible we may have run across one another at some point. Email me when you get the chance and we can see. Thanks for stopping by! I love your upbeat blog.

  26. Are you afraid of heights Ms. Tina? ;~)

    And since you mentioned reduced labor, check this post out:

  27. Hi TC, I checked out Kylee's posting on the plant meter. It is pretty cool, but still seems like a lot of work-what with all the computer stuff and all. And, sometimes I just don't want to know what is ailing my houseplants. Too much work there for sure. Most of the time in my house it is a lack of water. Which reminds me....