Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scilla are one of those bulbs that works hard in the garden. It is not as well known or frequently grown as its flashier cousins, narcissus, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, crocuses, and tulips, but is worth growing!

I grow Scilla siberica in my garden. I planted these bulbs many years ago and they faithfully come back each year. Scilla are also known as Squill and Bluebells. These are surefire bulbs.

These scilla bloom very early and are understated, but definitely a presence. They come in other colors like white, purplish pink and violets too. I wish I had taken a macro shot of these but it was way back when I did not know quite how to operate the camera. (Thanks Frances for showing me)

Check them out this fall, and don't be afraid to try something different. Other good bulbs you might like to try include Chionodoxa luciliae, (now changed to Chionodoxa forbesii) aka Glory of the Snow. Both of these bulbs are reliable no matter the circumstances, but you do want to plant them where you can enjoy them up close. Get busy as fall bulb planting season is full upon us!

in the garden....
Happy Anniversary to my dear husband, who indulges my passion for both gardening and for blogging. He's a great husband. Thanks for all you do Babe! I love you so very much!


  1. Hi Tina and Mr. Fix It, A very happy anniversary and Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thanks for the link love too. Someone had to show me about that macro button too, thanks Semi! What a new world it opens up to us. We planted the scilla known as the English bluebells last fall and loved the little sweet blues in the spring garden.

  2. I have been toying with the idea of planting scilla, and your posting has finally convinced me. I have read that the Spanish bluebells will do better this far south and will try those. Happy anniversary and a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Always Growing

  3. These are cute...Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  4. Tina,

    Hi and congratulations to you and Mr Fix It. Having a husband who indulges gardening and blogging is super!

    Your little scillas are sweet and loyal bloomers...the photo enlarges so we can see how perfect the blue is!
    I keep forgetting these little bulbs...thanks for the reminder.


  5. Happy anniversary and Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a great picture of the two of you. Have a nice Thanksgiving :) Ciao!

  7. Good morning everyone! Thanks for all your well wishes. 15 years is not such a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it has been so wonderful that it has passed far too fast.

    Anonymous, See ya Friday! You have a great Thanksgiving too.

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :-) What a lovely couple!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,


  9. What a nice little plant. I need to finish planting bulbs Thursday-Friday when we are supposed to have clear sky's for once.

    Happy Anniversary Tina & Husband.

  10. Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving! How much fun that you combined the two. That's a really nice photo of you together.

    I love bluebells too, especially in England. I toy with the idea of releasing them into our woods, but I rather like that the current ground cover is, or rather was, natural to Maine. Since we had to take down a dozen dead white pines, we are being invaded by less welcome visitors.

  11. Well Happy Anniversary! You are a very nice looking couple. I shall look into this bulb. Thanks for the info!

  12. Congratulations to you both! You both look mahvelous, dahlings! Sorry, my Maine accent needs a little work. Thanks for reminding us that spring is just around the corner. I've got a few bulbs of my own to get planted, another chore in a long list to get done today! Happy anniversary and Thanksgiving, Tina and Mr. Fix-It.

  13. Happy Anniversary Tina & Mr Fix-it! I think I have a few Scillas in my garden too, they are such dainty little blossoms.

  14. Happy Anniversary, you make a lovely couple.
    Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

  15. I wished you guys happy day yester but say it again today. Since you and Mr. Fix It say a different day, you need to find that little piece of paper so we can settle what day you were married on once and for all!! I just thought, I will have Terri-Lynn look it up. Duh, Jean.

    Hope everyone has a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving with good food and great family time. Don't work too hard to enjoy it.

  16. I am planting bulbs today! (yes, we plant them later here) As soon as I get the pumpkin pie in the oven I'm out in the yard.

    Happy Anniversay!!! And my wishes for many, many more!

  17. Pretty blooms and a lovely photo of the two of you. Happy Anniversary Tina and Mr. Fix-it!

  18. Jean, Tina probably put the paper in the compost pile or somewhere in the garden. tee hee...

    Tina, you look so differently in this picture! Ah, I know, you are not in the garden! lol... Many congrats to you and Mr Fix-it. You do make a wonderful balanced out couple kind of like someone else I know.... :)

    Friday Oh boy....


  19. Tina,
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING--CONGRATULATIONS to the best couple. You both sure look handsome & beautiful. May you have many, many more.
    I will have to try this little bulb out if I can find it around here.


  20. Hi all! Thanks so much for the well wishes. Of course hubby is working today but will hopefully be home soon. His parents are enroute so I am in overdrive trying to get stuff done. Like everyone else I am sure.

    Walk2Write, Your New England accent is right on!

    Mom, I got the paper out and it is indeed the 26th. I originally had this on the blog but Mr. Fix-it finally confessed he knew the day. Then he tried to tell me we were married on that Thanksgiving. Yeah right, he came clean finally.

    Skeeter, I do look different. It is a shock huh? No more colored hair so it is quite light. A bit of makeup goes far-not far enough to hide the chubbiness though:( No I did not put our marriage certificate in the compost-not yet anyhow:)

    Gotta go clean and write a paper due tonight at 7 pm. Urgh! Everyone have a great day making preparations and a Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk with you again.

  21. Is it just now bulb planting time in TN, Tina?? It's funny how different the zones are for these things. I usually have to plant all mine by the end of October but this year, I could still be planting (with our unseasonably mild fall). The scillas are lovely. Happy anniversary and Thanksgiving to you and your husband too.

  22. Happy Annyvesary! The photo is soooo sweet! My husband and I celebrated our 20th in October.

    Makes we want to go out an plant some scillas. Not sure why I don't have any since I'm big on a fall garden. Helen

  23. You make a nice couple! Congrats to both of you on your Anniversary. How nice that you get to celebrate on Thanksgiving. We got married on New Years Day, so like you, we have no excuse to forget.

    And a Happy Thanksgiving, too!

  24. Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving Ms. Tina and Mr. Fix-it.

    I think I've seen scilla English bluebells growin wild here in my yard somewhere. If it ain't scilla, it's something awful similar, and pretty too.

  25. Happy Anniversary, Tina! We have an anniversary coming up in a few days, too. I planted a few bluebells this fall--are they the same as scilla?

    Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, Tina.

  26. Kathleen, Yup bulb planting time for sure. I have been known to plant in January, but ideally you should be done by now in Tennessee. I am a bit behind the power curve:( Thanks on our anniversary and you have a great Thanksgiving too.

    Helen, Thanks and 20 years is commendable! We have been married 15 and I think even that is pretty good. Do get you some scillas. I like them pretty well, mainly because they are different.

    JGH, So no excuse not to remember your anniversary AND you get to have fireworks each year! Super good. Have a great Thanksgiving too.

    TC, Thanks! Love the blue of bluebells and wild is a good thing.

    Rose, You have a great Thanksgiving AND anniversary. The scilla are also known as bluebells so it must be the same. I just know them as scilla. You will like them as they are reliable and a petite pretty thing. Take care all!

  27. Dear Tina and Mr Fix-It, I send you good wishes for this and many future anniversaries! And Mr. Fix-It, thank you so much for indulging Tina in her gardening and specifically her blogging habits, for without that I would not have the pleasure of knowing you both.

  28. Gonna make me teary eyed this morning Cindy. I'll tell Mr. Fix-it your very kind words. Sniff:)